The New Mom Routine

Before getting married, and obviously before children, I had a pretty normal routine.  I had to be at work by 6am though.  I was up around 4:00am to start my day – coffee made, shower, dressed, bible study/devotional time even….and out the door by 5:15am.  I enjoyed my radio program on the way to work while finishing my coffee and breakfast.  I had a routine and was never rushed getting to work…It was wonderful.
Now, with children in the home…it’s always a rush.  I was told before the kiddos that I would never be on time again.  I didn’t believe them.  Now, its my life.
While on vacation or at the deer camp with both kiddos, our routine has changed some, but it works so well!  I’m up first usually…as normal.  I start with getting the babies food ready for the day.  That’s right…for the day.  She still eats pureed baby food as snacks and one meal during the day.  I usually open 3 containers = 12 ounces.  I put 5 biscuits in the oven and start cooking some sausage for hubby and the nearly 5 year old.  Coffee pot is on…I can forget about a shower if I want to feed my crew.
Usually I can start my first cup of coffee while everyone is still asleep.  If not, it’s going to be a long day.  I also check my recipes for the day.  At the deer camp, internet is so spotty, I can’t rely on it to be available, so I screenshot the recipe so I can just view my pictures as I cook. 
Kiddos start waking up about now and it’s time to feed and entertain.  When I can get some food into the nearly 5 year old, I put on The Bee Movie.  This distracts the baby for sure…and even the older kiddo.  This becomes my sanity time and I can actually write and plan my day. 
How do you start your day?  Do you have any amazing tips for a new first time mom?  What’s the secret to your time management skills? 
As a new mom, I’ve also learned to keep an inside activity available at all times.  Usually, I make this a painting project for the older kiddo and a new toy or one I’ve been saving for the younger baby.  Having an extra activity has been life saving and great for a quick and easy distraction, especially for rainy and yucky days when we can’t go outside.  I’ve also used sewing projects but those don’t always hold her interest and I can’t multi-task with a baby and a sewing machine as well.  
The kicker is when the older kiddo has more fun with the baby toys than the baby does…like now, she’s pushing the baby’s new v-tech sit to stand learning walker toy and the baby is addicted to the Bee Movie. 

Lunch is when the baby falls asleep and that’s usually between 11:30-12:30 and thankfully, lasts about 2 hours.  I throw together some leftovers or a sandwich and enjoy the time.  I even do the meal prep for dinner during this time…because now I have to start cooking dinner by 3:30 or it wont get done in time…This is still new to me and it baffles my husband why I have to start cooking so much earlier now. 
It still baffles him how I can’t seem to clean now and he wonders what I do all day…I do the new mom routine…I fed the kids…kept them alive…entertained them…fed the dogs…kept the house from burning down…probably did a paint project or two…still didn’t finish my cup of coffee and still haven’t had a shower.  What did you do?  

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