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This year has been a year I will never forget.  I had high hopes for this year, as I’m sure everyone did.  I’m pretty sure that saying “2020” in the future will become a cuss word.

Onto the brighter side…After all, it has to get better, right?  Can it get worse?  Oh I hope not.  I would love some normal…and some amazing quilting fun!

You too?  Well…IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!!!  So we want to celebrate ALL WEEK LONG!  I hope you will join us!  I plan on sharing  new deals and bundles on our Facebook Page!  Please make sure you are following us there.  I posted quite a few today and they are in limited supply!


FOR OUR FACEBOOK BIRTHDAY SALE – September 1st – 6pm Central on Facebook Live! – We will have 10 Birthday Goody Bags you can WIN just by answering trivia and playing games!  When you win – you pick a number and you win the prize that’s in that bag!  It’s going to be a blast!  And did I mention I already have a birthday hat?  It’s large…and pink…and it may sparkle.  You need to see it!

Not only will we be posting new deals and awesomeness through the week – but we will have contests going on too!

You can expect a 10% coupon to use on our website!

USE FIRSTBDAY as your coupon and save 10%!  Coupon expires September 5!



Contest #1!

For the September 1 & September 8 Facebook Live Sales & ALL ONLINE SALES STARTING SEPTEMBER 1st – Your name will go into a drawing for every $25 you spend (not counting tax or shipping)!  On September 9th – We will post the winner or do a live drawing of the winner’s name on our Facebook page.

What will you win?  You will win a Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt membership for 2020!  If you are already a member – you can gift it to someone you may want to encourage to learn to quilt or to your best friend to join you on this awesome adventure!


Contest #2!

We have posted a SHARE CONTEST on Facebook last night!  LOOK FOR IT!  Watch for the fireworks on the post of our Facebook Page!

Mark that you are attending the September 1st Live Sale Event – (Post is on our FB page & identified as the post to mark attending and share). Once you have marked you are attending and shared the event – your name will be added to a drawing!

Please be mindful of sharing to groups that have restrictions and do NOT share to the Beginner Quilting group on Facebook, because it will already be there.

Please share it to your own Facebook profile page PUBLICLY!   Remember if it is not marked public, we may not be able to see your share due to your privacy settings. So please make sure it is shared PUBLICLY.

You will have until Tuesday at 5 PM – the winner will be announced on the Facebook Live Sale – September 1 – It’s our Birthday Party too!  Please join us!  Don’t forget to make it public or we may not be able to see your share due to your privacy settings.  The winner will receive FREE SHIPPING on their order from the 9-1-2020 Live Sale.


Contest #3!

Sign up for the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt before September 10th & get your name entered into a drawing for the Bangkok fabric bundle that you can use for the mystery quilt – or just add to your stash!

Speaking of the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt….

Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt is almost ready to start!  It starts on September 30th & it will be here before you know it.  And you know what else – you may feel you barely have enough time to find the fabric you want to jump in with us, but I can help with that!

A lot of  my friends and I are doing it together.  It’s something we have looked forward to for a while.  Registration opened up August 1 and even my VIP Quilting Club™ group got a fabulous discount to sign up for the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt!  

Seriously – consider doing it.  Every month – you get a short story to read, a puzzle (all sorts of them), and a new block pattern to make.  This mystery quilt does not take a lifetime to make – or take up too much of your time.  It has been designed with the beginner quilter in mind.  Afterall, we need to encourage new people to learn the glorious textile art of quilting, right?  Let’s share this joy we have found in the art of quilting!

I found that it took less than 3 hours a month to read the story, do the puzzle, and make the block. I’m even a slow quilter/sewer.  The most fun part, in my opinion, – is the private Facebook group.  I’ve really “met” some fun quilters in that group and I really get excited to see what my “new friends” are making and which fabrics they used.  In my opinion – the Facebook group alone is worth the $55/year that it costs for yearly membership.  Yes – it’s that entertaining to me!

Want to join?  Want to save money too?  Flash is giving me a coupon that I can tell the world (YOU) about!  I know!  I can’t believe it.  I think they like me…LOL.  When you decide you want to check this out – do it!

Use VIP as your coupon code and save $5.  Get the entire year for only $50.  You will have SEW MUCH FUN with all of us.

I was able to get a sneak peak at the 2020 quilt and OH – MY – GOD!  I’ve been sworn to secrecy…Don’t tempt me.

I had to see the quilt to see which fabrics to pull for them.  They asked us to pull fabrics and create the fat quarter bundles exclusively just for them.  Of course, we said yes!  I had to!  That’s what I love to do – look at fabrics, buy fabrics, sort fabrics, and sew/quilt with fabrics.  LOL.  Oh I digress. I could talk about this for a while…

Speaking of fabrics – We have two bundles still available on our website.  Just click the image and see them in our store!

7 fabrics – 1 yard cuts


Bangkok Bundle – 8 fabrics – Half yard cuts                                                             













July’s VIP package: Theme was red, Surprise – Lantern Hill Post Card Pattern & Endurance Blade


I’ve had lots of great questions about the VIP Quilting Club™ and thought I’d write about it here in hopes to clarify and answer those questions.  After all, it did launch in July…so it’s part of our summer update.

On June 15, 2020, we launched the VIP Quilting Club™ and limited memberships due to launching it as a SOFT OPENING.  The soft launch allowed 2 weeks for people to claim their membership.  Memberships started in July and they could select a monthly membership (agreeing to every month from July-December) or a quarterly membership (months are pre-selected as July, October, January, & April).

Do you want to know more about it?  We created a new subscription product in our online store – and it’s awesome!  Read all the details here!  It will show SOLD OUT until September 3rd, however, because the memberships are SOLD OUT.  We have sold out EVERY MONTH.

We will open the Monthly Memberships again on September 3rd.

Interested in the Quarterly Membership?  Quarterly’s will be available again on September 2 on our website!  We will also share the link on our Facebook page!  So be sure to follow along!



August’s VIP – Theme was Black & Gold. Surprise – Extra spool of Efina thread, The Ultimate Thread Guide Book, & The Quilter’s Fabric Pocketbook.


On June 16th – We elaborated on it on our LIVE Sale day!  We had even MORE sign up!  Seriously, this is a fun and great club to be in!

What’s in the VIP Quilting Club™ membership package?  You get 8 gorgeous fat quarters, 2 spools of Efina thread by Wonderfil Specialty Threads, & a surprise that will have a retail value of at least $15.  All surprises will be quilting related and could include: patterns, threads, notions, books, etc.  It could be anything that I just love that’s for quilting &/or applique projects.

What else do the VIPS get?  When new fabrics arrive for our online shop – it’s posted in the private VIP Facebook group for pre-claims!  They can claim fabric FIRST!  AND!!!  They get a special VIP price!

If I have found something that I think is just awesome and I love it – it will be in the VIP Quilting Club™!

This is a great journey for us and we love bringing you the best fabrics and wonderful notions & supplies to help make your projects an amazing piece of art!  We love quilting and we know you do too!  What’s September’s theme?  Blue….and it’s gorgeous!

Sign up to be on the Wait List for VIP by simply emailing Sarah@SewMuchCharm.com


We hope you will celebrate our birthday with us!  Please join us online for some fun contests, great trivia, & lots of fabric therapy!


Happy Quilting!

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