Building Your Stash Back

fabrics in bin or cabinet

Fabric stash, that is. 

With the latest COVID crisis, MANY of my friends, and I mean MANY, have sewn their stashes away to create face masks, hospital caps & gowns, and many other items their family & friends needed during this crisis.

When I say they have sewn their stash away, I mean they are literally down to their last few fabrics since they have not been able to go to the fabric store or their local quilt shop to get more or they are OUT OF FABRICS

This is what inspired me to start doing Facebook Live Sales on the Sew Much Charm Shop Page. I had started building the inventory for the Sew Much Charm Shop to get ready to launch a subscription box for readers and followers who want to have a little surprise every other month of fabrics, notions, patterns, and other sewing & quilting goodies. Why not start selling those fabrics and notions to them at amazing prices and help support them? So that’s just what I did.

I have since (the virus) made many new friends online through the Beginner Quilting Facebook group and found that many people are having trouble finding amazing fabrics at amazing prices too. The supply is not keeping up with the demand right now.  This just confirmed to me what that I needed to do that.  

I have always been a big supporter having a personal stash of fabrics. Having a personal stash of fabrics at your disposal is NOT HOARDING. No. It’s not. Take that out of your mind.


Can some of us go overboard with our stash? Absolutely. That’s why you also see Fabric Destash sites on Facebook too now. If you are someone who’s lucky enough to have an awesome stash still after this crisis (covid & with the lack of fabrics available), I’d like to suggest you go through your stash and consider selling a few to those who still can’t get out to a quilt shop to purchase…but can get their mail delivered! It’s a win-win! You get to help someone and they can get their needs met too!

Can you imagine being down to your last fat quarter of fabric?  I can’t…that thought gives me anxiety in itself!  



Why is having a stash of fabrics important?





Here’s why.

1. If there was ever another crisis like COVID again – would you have enough fabrics to make items you and your family/friends need? Let’s face it – sewists & quilters have skills that go hand in hand with emergency preparedness skills. We’re essential. Someone is always going to need clothes, bedding, etc. In fact, hubby just asked me to make a cover for some press contraption tool thingy he has in his workshop. See? Skills. I suggest not only having cottons but knits as well in your stash. You never know when you will need to make yourself a pair of undies – you are going to want soft material! LOL.

2. Fabrics inspire creativity. Creativity can help with your mental health – and seriously – we need this now more than ever. Ever hear of “fabric therapy”? Yes. It’s a thing. I just wish doctors could and would write a Rx for it!  When there is a person who is creative and they need an outlet to express themselves – but can’t….sometimes just sitting and looking through fabrics can relax and bring you peace.  If you’ve ever gone to a quilt shop and left more relaxed then before you entered – you know exactly what I’m talking about!  As a new mom, I would go look through fabrics and create ideas for each fabric when the baby was asleep.  That brought me peace and calmed me down from the crazy PPD I was facing each and every day.  It’s very therapeutic.  Don’t take my word for it – go do it and see for yourself!  

3.  Projects and needs happen 24/7.  Every day life happens 24/7.  Just a week ago, my 7 year old came to me upset because a strap broke on a dress she DESPERATELY wanted to wear that day.  I had the supplies on hand (and extra fabric that happened to match) to fix it for her.  I don’t want to brag here — but she did say I was “the best mom ever” after fixing it for her.  LOL.  You know what else happened?  She sat by me and watched me fix it — meaning she now knows how to fix it as well.  Life lessons passed down to the littles…it makes my heart happy!  Having your stash can open doors to help children and other young adults learn how to sew & quilt too!  You could be inspiring the next generation with your fabric stash as well!  If a neighbor or a friend’s young child saw a particular fabric and asked you what you were going to do with it…think of the conversations that would start!  A healthy conversation with a life skill to inspire and motivate someone new to the craft of quilting & sewing…

4.  Let’s not forget that fabrics are often not printed again – once it’s made and sold – it’s gone forever!  If there was a fabric you loved, it’s usually best to get it and keep it in your stash for a time when you can make your project.  If we have another wave of COVID – and we all get sent home again – you could have some more time on your hands that you had not planned for.  I have a plastic bin myself that I keep those fabrics in with the pattern or picture of the project pinned to the fabric to be ready to make those projects.  I call it my Quilting Bucket List.  Sometimes my bin just has the picture or pattern inside because I haven’t found the right fabrics yet for that particular project.  I need to build that stash!  

With the low supply of fabrics & a lot of people are still in a lockdown status – HOW DO YOU BUILD IT?  

I’ve been thinking about that very thing!  It’s still too difficult for every single quilter and sewist to go shop in person.  There are still hot spots of the virus in varying parts of the world and some people just don’t want to take the risk and go in public yet.  THAT’S OKAY!  


Introducing the Super Stash Builder

This stash builder is 8 fat quarters sent directly to your home!  You can purchase each month for new and different fabrics from the previous month!  {We are currently working on how to set it up as a subscription service with our online platforms – stay tuned for that awesomeness!}  Get 8 fat quarters for $28.00!  That’s 8 possibilities of INSPIRATION!  


I’m hoping this will help solve this dilemma that many of us are having. 

Not only can new fabrics inspire us but it’s awesome fabric therapy with a bit of retail therapy included!  I love getting new fabrics in and I love sharing them with you!  Thanks SEW much for joining me on my quilting journey!  

What’s YOUR reason for building your stash?

Happy Quilting! 

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