July’s Block of the Month

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Summertime is a crazy time for my family.

My husband likes to travel and see everyone in his family and to make July’s Block of the Month had to be a super simple block!

Seriously, the traveling and activities he has planned for this month is like he thinks I’m Wonder Woman.  I really don’t know how we are going to get it all done…but dang it, I guess we’re gonna try.

I will be on vacation starting June 30-July 11.  So be sure to watch the IG and FB pages for updates and fun sewing ideas I find on the road…The Blog here will get a break from posts until the week of July 15th.

Image from Google Memes

It’s summer time…and most people are outside enjoying the pool, the sun, the beach, and most of all – their families.  I get it…a lot of people won’t be sitting at their sewing machines when it’s sew beautiful outside and the kids are running around free from school and ready for fun.  Who can blame them?  I don’t want to either…Although I’m already missing my machine and I haven’t even really started packing yet.

So which block did I decide to make for July’s BOM and still have plenty of time for family, fun, and travel?

I choose to make the …. Four Patch Block…in a 12.5″ block size.  Can you say super sized?


I was too honestly when I came up with the idea.  Although, this block seems very simple, it fits our year long theme of “Going Back to the Basics”.  Just Googling “Four Patch Block” yields nearly 67,000,000 results.  It’s not a new block, but your options are endless!

The Four Patch Block has been around in quilting for what appears to be, since the beginning…and there is now a huge variation of four block quilt patterns thanks to the many, many quilt designers we now have access to on the world wide web.

Cutting this block will take you back to the basics of quilting for sure!

Practicing your ruler cutting for 6.5″ square and also matching up the one and only center seam will let you relax and take the time to get it right, hopefully the first time!  Then it’s off to enjoy some summer fun for you!

Pairs across sewn…

I simply choose 4 fabrics that have been in the background of the other blocks thus far and cut one 6.5″ square from each of the 4 fabrics.

I arranged them in a way that I felt complimented each other and then sewed across (pairs) and then across the middle matching the seam.

Simple, right?

Well, I have been sewing and piecing a different quilt block for the last 2 days and couldn’t get my seams to line up.  I had to rip out every single one and redo them at least once.  I thought I had it almost together, until I saw it…

I finally stopped, took a break, and a shower…and came back to see a four patch quilt in my Pinterest feed.

My first thought of the Four Patch Block was that’s a super simple block…I just need it large enough for 12.5″!  Well, how much easier is this math, right?  I remeasured every chance I could, because as my luck had been lately, I knew it had to be off.  Maybe I didn’t have enough coffee today and would still add it up wrong?  I had hope though..and it seems that it is going to work!

I even laid it out with all of my blocks and it does seem to help bring out those fabrics that I love that have been used in the background of the other blocks for my made for me quilt.

Enjoy Summer!  I’ll be back in the middle of July here on the blog!

Happy Quilting!

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