Officially Back from Vacay!


I’m back!  Back from a gorgeous Colorado, but happy to be back in Texas!  The views of the snow on the mountaintops and the incredible temperatures with only 50% humidity felt like spring or early fall every single day in Texas…even when the locals were complaining about the heat, I would just chuckle.  This wasn’t heat.  It was heaven!  Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

I literally would see the views around me and immediately thought how awesome God is to have created such a beauty for us to enjoy.  It was gorgeous!

There were waterfalls all around the mountain as the ice and snow was still melting from the tops.  Wildlife was all around as well.  It was just so relaxing seeing nature so calm and inviting.

Snowball Fight! 
There was still snow in July!  
Can you believe it?!  

And my favorite view of all…the view from the hot tub at the spa that my sister-in-law & hubby surprised me with!  Forgive my white feet — I know they were blinding!

All vacations must come to an end…and when we got back it seemed like there was always something to slow me down from getting home and settled.  The car wouldn’t start at the airport.  Ever had that happen?  Ever had to pay the airport for a jump? WOWZER!  That was a hefty bill.

We finally got home and then while unloading the dirty clothes from our suitcases…and loading the wash into the dryer – the dryer stopped working too.  Always something right?  There were other issues too…but let’s get to the happy stuff!  QUILTING!

Well, to get my mind focused…I started my mini quilt project for a photographer friend of mine.  You may remember that I mentioned this before vacay…Remember the post about sewing nine fabrics from your stash?  On June 7’s blog post I mentioned that a friend of mine and I have been in discussions about making a baby quilt – or a mini quilt – smaller than a fat quarter –  for one of her props.  I’m very excited about this!  Here are some pictures of the progress. You can follow the progress more closely on our Instagram page!
IG – My Charmed Cabin Life

This mini quilt will measure 18 3/4″ square to fit a photographer’s newborn baby prop bed or doll bed.  This measurement is specific to my friend’s newborn bed prop.  If you get the urge to make one for your child’s doll bed, you may want to measure the bed.  I have found that not all beds are the same.  

I also got one of my memory quilts back from the long arm quilter!  I made that happy delivery Monday…and forgot to take a picture.  The weather was really bad with the Tropical Storm Barry and I heard the recipient had a rough day, so I hoped the delivery would turn the day into a good one….and thus forgot about taking a picture.  It worked though – happy client!

July is almost over, which means summer is almost over…How is your #UseNine2019 going this year?  If you are not familiar with this, this is the challenge to use nine fabrics from your stash this year…not just for the summer…not just this season, but all year long.

I took pictures of the fabrics that I had intend to use, but I have found my projects have changed…just since June!  Life as a quilter, LOL!  I believe my cotton quilt and watermelon quilt will have to wait.  I just received a client who desires a #THINBLUELINE or police themed quilt for a friend who is retiring from law enforcement.  I do have some of that fabric in my stash, but I will need to buy more!  LOL!  I also want to finish making (finish implies that I started, right?  OOPS) curtains for the deer camp.  I’ve only purchased the fabric…and slightly thought about how I want the design of the curtains.  Time to get cracking on that!


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