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Something I always hear when others find out that I know how to quilt and am learning to sew is that they “always wish (they) had learned” how to do it too…AND…that they feel they are too old to learn how to now.

I just learned how to quilt, seriously, just 4 years ago.  Without having to go into my actual age, let’s just say it’s never too late to learn such a wonderful art, craft, and hobby.  (I look younger than I am…Thank goodness for good genes! LOL)

If you are someone who says this too…or says I would love to learn, but my sewing machine doesn’t run right (AKA I don’t know how to fix it and I’m afraid the person who would fix would take advantage of me for not knowing) STOP.  Stop having these fears and let’s get you set up with someone who can help you and ease your mind.

FIRST.  If you have already have a machine, you are a step ahead of the game!  If it doesn’t run right, it could be…dare I say it?  User error.  That’s right.  If your machine is threaded wrong, it’s not going to run correctly and give you a great stitch to make wonderful creations.  It could also be something so simple as your needle is inserted incorrectly.  Those pesky boogers have to be in the right position.

If you have checked your manual or you have and you still don’t know what it is really saying…I want you to look for a sewing bee or a quilters guild in your area.  GO VISIT!  Chances are someone else has your machine or had your machine and know a trick or two.  They will help you!  Sewists & Quilters LOVE to help each other!  Chances are you can visit a few times and find someone who can help or they can identify someone who can.

SECOND.  If you don’t have a machine…well, go look at them!  Research your options and know that there are perfectly good machines out there that you can buy second hand without spending an arm and a leg.  If you are a fan of vintage like I am, there are TONS!  I find my vintage machines easier to use than my “newer” Brother.

THIRD.  What is something you want to make?  A baby blanket?  A bib?  A quilt?  A dress?  Your

options are endless here.  So taking this step to decide what you want to make is crucial and will LAUNCH your success in sewing & quilting.  If you decided on sewing, you can find TONS of free patterns online.  Don’t know of any?  Email me!  I’ll tell you where to look.  When you get your pattern, you will read exactly what you need and which supplies it encourages you to get to make the garment.

Is it a quilt?  Even better!  You will love it…it will become an addiction!  Welcome to the family.

Which pattern did you decide?  Are you making your own pattern from a select few fabrics?  Go for it!  Need some help or advice?  Email me!  I’m happy to help where I can.  If I don’t know I will point you in the right direction and find someone who can.

Perhaps, you think you may be overwhelmed…Well, check out the Sewing Summit online.  It starts Monday, November 18 and runs through Friday, November 22.  Sign up for FREE!

There will be 30+ classes you can watch from the comfort of your own home…in your pajamas…drinking coffee or…  If you want the All Access Pass where you can replay and watch ALL of the videos later, it is available for only $49!  You will learn from pattern designers, pattern testers, sewing bloggers, and even me…

Rebecca Page, herself, has organized this with a wide array of tutorials, sew alongs, and information ready to get you inspired and help you find your sewing mojo!

Get your FREE pass while you can.  You just have to register for the event to get the notifications and the links to click on to watch.  You will see the schedule of tutorials once you register and you can see which ones you want to be alerted for.

Sign up TONIGHT while you can get the FREE PASS!  Don’t wait!

Happy Quilting!  & Sewing!


  1. Joanne C on November 18, 2019 at 9:33 pm

    Love the detailed explanation of the glue!
    I just watched you on the Summit, and appreciate your contribution to it.
    I had heard about Elmers School Glue before, and used it a few times, like to help with applique, paper piecing, or with layering the batting and stabilizing so it doesn’t shift.
    I love this idea of of setting seams right at the beginning!

    • My Charmed Cabin Life on November 19, 2019 at 12:50 am

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found my website and enjoyed my video on the Summit! I had never heard it before until a couple of months ago and I was just shocked and wondered why quilters don’t use this method more. I definitely am! It makes it so much easier for new quilters, like myself! I hope you sign up for the newsletter.

  2. Natalie on November 19, 2019 at 2:37 am

    Watched your video on the Sewing Summit all the way from Dubai. Yours was my favourite video and I was so pleased with that handy quilting hack. It’s given me the confidence to finally give quilting a try and I’m hoping to get one done before Christmas. Also loved your Block of the Month on your website.

    • My Charmed Cabin Life on November 19, 2019 at 10:58 am

      Thanks so much! I really enjoyed making the video and sharing it with everyone. I would love to know your progress with your quilt! Please feel free to email me directly – . I bet you can get it done! If you ever have questions, please feel free to email me and I will help as much as possible – and if I don’t, I’ll tell you who can! I hope you enjoy next year’s BOM too! Have you signed up for the newsletter? Happy Quilting!

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