Travel Around the World (or Block!) – December BOM


Have you been in suspense all day?  I have…I’ve been so excited to share this block with you and yet, I couldn’t.  I literally couldn’t.  My internet was not working while I was out at the deer camp so I literally had to wait until I could pack up the family and head home after celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays.  This was not an easy task.

Update on the Thanksgiving holidays?  I’ll save that for another post…I know why we are all here.  Let’s get down to business!

This block will be the final block in our Back to the Basics Block of the Month Series…I have mixed feelings about ending our first Block Of the Month project together.  I’m sad our journey through basic beginner quilt blocks is over…but excited for next year’s project all at the same time!  We’ve covered a lot of new quilt blocks…don’t you think?  It’s been one adventure every month.  I have enjoyed trying out new blocks and building a new quilt top, just for me (in my case).

This December also concludes finalizing the year I took to learn to sew things for me…I still have a few blog posts to share about those items I made for me, but this December concludes making those items for me.  Next year starts new beginnings.  Next year, 2020, I will continue building my quilting and sewing skills, but I will also learn a few applique techniques using Pattern Poole Patterns.

They will be working with me directly to offer you an awesome chance to get these Australian masterpieces!  Be sure to check the blog out on December 2nd (tomorrow), for the next exciting announcement!

I also realize that it is December and many of us are preparing for the Christmas holidays and time is not our friend right now.  Do we choose a block that shows our skills have grown and may look more complicated than it is or do we choose a simple block that does take much time to for us to finish the last row of our new quilt top?  Decisions…decisions…

For our final quilt block, I selected from a block that has been on my mind, but never on my sewing machine.  I selected the Block in a Block Quilt Block.  Say that 3 times faster…LOL.  It may look complicated, but I literally looked through the extra scraps or extra AccuQuilt cuts I had made while making the quilt throughout the year.  You know you audition fabrics and sometimes you actually need to cut it out and see it?  That’s what I did.

FIRST.  I found a 5″ square in a floral pattern that I haven’t used too much in the quilt and yet, I love the floral green and white fabric.  I pulled that out of the scraps bag.









SECOND.  I found quite a few blue triangles that were cut from 6.5″ squares (square that were cut on one diagonal).  You can see in the picture that the tips on the long side were trimmed 1/4″ on each side.

I may have cut them for a block and then changed color/fabric choices.  I hate throwing beautiful fabric away, so I don’t.  I always save it.  There is always time for beautiful fabrics.

I centered the point in the middle of the floral block and attached the triangle on two sides — opposite of course.


Centering the first triangle point in the block.









Then I added the other triangles on the other opposite side.  Press your seams to the darker fabric.  In my case, I pressed to the blue fabric.










Then I trimmed the edges to match the floral middle square.  You will only have two triangles sewn to the middle square when you trim both sides.











Now add the other two blue triangles and repeat the process above.










I “squared” up the block to 7″square.







THIRD.  The checkered fabric also appears to be 7.5″ squares cut on the diagonal – but do not trim the long side’s tips.  I repeated the above process attaching the checkered fabric to the new 7″ block.



Set the center point of the triangle with the center of the block…








Attach the opposite side triangle the same way – setting it with the point meeting the center of the block.







This is honestly the hardest part….and it’s not even hard.

Notice here the checkered print triangle seems to be longer on the side that it attaches to the block?  That’s perfect!  Do not stress about this.

This makes it even better.  What you do have to look for is matching that center point on each triangle with the center of the block.

Sew on the last two checkered print fabrics and allow the excess to hang off the edges of the block.





Okay!  Last side of the checkered print!  Notice the edges hang off a bit?  That’s okay!


Once it is sewn on, you will again “square” up this block to 10.5″ square.  Pretty neat, huh?

***Be sure to center on the center block and trim the excess when you square up the block.




But it still doesn’t meet our 12.5″ square requirement.  I also had a few 2.5″ strips of white fabric left in my bin and I wanted to use it for sashing here.  The problem with this is that it makes it too large.  What did I do?


I did it anyway…


And then….









I trimmed 3/4″ off all the way around and it was 12.5″ square!



I immediately attached it to the last row in my quilt that needed the last block.  I couldn’t wait any longer.


To say I’m excited to have my very quilt made by me…is an understatement!







I think it’s perfect and I hope you do too!




This block concludes our 12 month series – Back to the Basics Block of the Month, where we explored new blocks that teach the building blocks for the more complex blocks.

This series will be remain open and free until January 30, 2020.  Afterwards, you will need a password to enter the 2019 Back to the Basics BOM Series.  There will be more information in the new newsletter, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter on the main page of the blog!


Happy Quilting!

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