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Most Recent Posts

Time for Something New–Part 3

By My Charmed Cabin Life | June 17, 2019

Eileen – Amazing Seamstress & QuilterDid you take your measurements?  Or have someone take them for you? This week we are onto part 3 of this series “Time for Something New”, where I learn how to make a garment, instead of quilting.  I haven’t stopped quilting…I just want to add…

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Summer Sewing News!

By My Charmed Cabin Life | June 7, 2019

I’m literally sitting at a splash pad typing this post out because I’m so excited to share this info!  School is officially out and it’s time to enjoy summer!!  A huge thanks to everyone participating in the current giveaway!  A winner will be announced once we hit 15,000 views!  If…

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June – Block of the Month

By My Charmed Cabin Life | June 7, 2019

You may have noticed that this BOM is a bit late to the party…this is for several reasons, but mainly,  my two year old began teething with her 2 year old molars and it has not been fun.  My obligations should not impact your sewing adventure and for this, I…

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Time for Something New…Part 2!

By My Charmed Cabin Life | June 4, 2019

Did you pick your favorite garment?  Did you find a pattern you want to try? Want some advice on which pattern to pick?  I found this awesome sewing forum!  Everything Sewing Forum You have to sign up and it’s free to get full access to all the posts.  So far,…

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It’s Quilt Show Season folks! — SHOW RESOURCES!

By My Charmed Cabin Life | May 28, 2019

Do you like to plan your vacations in advance to make sure you get some “quilting” time too?  I do.  I love to know where they are WAY in advance — because you never know when you can make a sporatic day trip and go to a great quilt show!…

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Time for Something New

By My Charmed Cabin Life | May 26, 2019

Image from Redbubble  The time has come for something new…a new adventure! I feel the Block of the Month series has been pretty well received and it has surely built a good foundation for quilting skills and I definitely have enjoyed seeing the quilt blocks made by my readers!  But…I…

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I enjoy gardening, quilting, sewing, & cooking as a relatively new stay-at-home mom of two girls.

I make custom handmade quilts for clients and recently decided to learn how to sew garments for my little girls.  Watch my journey & learn from my mistakes.

You will see lots of information about food storage, recipes, planning for disasters or emergencies as on my blog as I still have a passion for caring and protecting others.  This information is on a separate tab for those interested and available by password through our monthly newsletter!  Sign up today!

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