Weekend Tales

We took a relaxing weekend to the deer camp and it’s actually been very therapeutic.

Last week I was hired to make a quilt with hearts that were to be made from the work shirts of a man who passed away, for his wife.  I know this man and as I’m going through the shirts – I have my own memories of him flooding back into my mind.

Last week, Bailey also had an ear infection and the antibiotics that the doctor gave her – gave her diarrhea so bad there was poop everywhere…and then the start of yeast infection as a side effect of the meds too!

Hubby also had to work out of town so I was solo with Bailey during her illness.  To say this past week has been a struggle may be a huge understatement. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are single mommas who do a whole more than I do and I commend them.  It’s just not my norm and I’m not use to it.

I was pretty excited that I was able to meal plan the month of March ahead of the month actually starting.  I had the plumber scheduled for Friday morning to finish installing the bathroom fixtures and I was ready for that to be finished.  I came up Wednesday and Hubby came with J on Thursday.

Well, the plumber cancelled again and so we decided to make it a family day.  We had quality family time with both kiddos all day long.  We took lunch to Nana at the local quilt shop and even saw a beautiful scenary of a windmill with an old truck in the background like an old painting.

Playing, watching a movie, and a 2 mile hike in the woods lead to an early bedtime for both girls.  To say I was giddy with excitement would mean I had the energy to be excited – but inside I was!  LOL.

On our way back to camp we stopped and took the game camera cards out to see what was frequenting our deer feeder.  No bobcats this time, but we did get some exciting pictures and I have to say that waking up and looking out the window in the door and seeing deer at the feeder totally set my day to be awesome.

Here are some of the awesome pictures from the game camera:

We ended the night with family game night and making dough for fresh bread (to be baked Saturday)…

And then Saturday….the dough had risen enough to…

Enough to make delicious crusty Artisan bread for Saturday dinner!

Homemaking has shown a new leaf in my life and I’m really trying to own my new life as a stay-at-home mom.  Food storage, meal planning, family relationships, and taking care of the home has proven to me why so many women stayed home to care for the home and family.  There is simply so much to do within the home, especially with children.  
With starting the new week, many tasks are popping into my head.  I have stacks of items and clothing to tag for the JBF North Houston sale scheduled for later this month.  I also found a new sewing machine – electric – Singer 201 from 1950…I plan on picking it up tomorrow.  Hubby wants to make a Costco run tomorrow too for items for the deer camp for while we stay during Spring Break.  Tuesday – I plan on starting the Love Quilt…and finishing the denim quilt later this week…
My plate is so full…how about you?  If you are a mom…I already know the answer.  I’ve had so many requests for custom quilts that I’m actually shocked by how many people really want one custom made.  
If you have a request for a custom quilt – email me at mycharmedcabinlife@gmail.com  

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