Time for Something New

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The time has come for something new…a new adventure!

I feel the Block of the Month series has been pretty well received and it has surely built a good foundation for quilting skills and I definitely have enjoyed seeing the quilt blocks made by my readers!  But…I want to add more!

The time has come for new series…where I will learn how to sew clothes and post about them here.  This could get ugly because I plan on taking you on my adventures through the trials and tribulations of learning something new.  In the very least, it may become comical, at my own expense,  LOL!  I have had this goal for a few years now: to learn how to sew clothes, and I haven’t done much to make this goal a reality.

I took sewing lessons a few years ago when I wanted to learn how to make my stepdaughter a dress and the pattern frustrated me so much, I had to pay someone to sit beside me and translate that pesky pattern to a language I could understand.  Which dress?  This purple one…This dress is the most expensive item in my kids’ wardrobe if you count the cost of the private sewing lessons.

 The stitching isn’t perfect – but I want my girls to wear this dress with pride.  J, the now 6 year old, picked the fabrics with me and the pattern when she was just entering 3T clothes.  Bailey, my now two and a half year old is now starting to wear her sister’s hand me downs of 3T and so she will get to wear this dress soon.

I will never throw this dress away and plan on keeping it forever.  Memories…

But not every sewer or quilter has children to sew for…so which project are we going to start this new adventure with?  Your own wardrobe!

I’ve asked several stylists and fashion bloggers about what is their favorite staple in their wardrobe…What is your favorite top?  Do you wear scarfs?  Do you have a certain dress that you wish you could snap your fingers and change the fabric instantly to wear something new, yet familiar all at the same time?

I didn’t really get an answer from anyone…I’m guessing they get paid to share the new stuff and their readers go buy it?  I’m hoping this is just a busy weekend for them and someone will respond shortly.

What I should have done was ask YOU!  Is there a top that you would like to make?  Do you have a favorite scarf?  Do you have a certain style dress that YOU wish YOU could snap your fingers and change the fabric instantly to wear something new, yet familiar?

Here’s some perks to making your own clothes:
1.  The fabric quality and workmanship will be much better quality than buying something ready to wear (RTW) in the store.
2.  You know exactly how it was made and you won’t feel bad making alterations if need be.  You can alter the style or the pattern however you want to make it fit better!
3.  You would ultimately have a custom wardrobe with a perfect fit, once the skills have been acquired to tailor the clothing to your own body.  This will take time.

Since having Bailey, my body hasn’t been exactly what it was pre-baby.  I have a closet full of clothes that I cannot wear because they are no longer my size.  The cost of buying RTW clothes is pretty high to me and when I check the quality in stores I am no longer impressed with commercially made garments…very rarely.

So here’s our first assignment to start this new adventure:  Check your wardrobe and find your favorite garments.  Take a picture.  Let’s remake it!  You can either find your own pattern that matches the dress or sew along with me and make the same item!

Post your pattern information below in the comments!

Which pattern did I decide on?  Check back next week!


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