Time for Something New…Part 2!


Did you pick your favorite garment?  Did you find a pattern you want to try?

Want some advice on which pattern to pick?  I found this awesome sewing forum!  Everything Sewing Forum You have to sign up and it’s free to get full access to all the posts.  So far, seems worth remembering another log-in, or in my case – writing it down!

I had a wardrobe situation come up where I wished I had a certain color in a tank top to go with an outfit I wanted to put together.  Tank tops are kind of like staples in a wardrobe.  You can wear them on a super hot summer day or layer them and get a polished look.  Tank tops seem like a perfect start to breaking into this adventure.

I’m not gonna lie.  I could use quite a few of these bad boys myself.  I don’t think I have a decent tank top in my closet, honestly…

So when I finally had this realization, I searched my stash of patterns at home with fingers crossed that I had a super easy pattern to make a tank top.  I found three.

The first one is Butterick Fast & Easy B6214.

The second one is Butterick Fast & Easy Classics 5948.

The third and one I’m most hopeful of (just from cover) is McCall’s Learn to Sew for Fun M7322.

I went to www.sewing.patternreview.com and hoped that someone has these patterns to help guide me in my selection.  With over 120,000 pattern reviews – I was hopeful! I seriously just found this website (NOT AN AFFILIATE) and have used it many times!  This site is saved to my favorites and I often refer to it for reviews on machines, fabrics, notions, and patterns.  You can even review a sewing blogger and other sewing websites!

Image from www.sewing.patternreview.com

The first pattern (Butterick 6214) has 11 pattern reviews.  I love checking the reviews on this site because the reviewers can upload their own pictures and you can see their work and which style they chose from the pattern.  Every single reviewer left a full 5 out of 5 stars for their review.  I found one reviewer who made it sleeveless (my goal here too!) and she used batik fabric to make her top.  It’s pretty nice!  Her review shows she’s made this garment twice!  She must like the pattern, right?

The second pattern (Butterick 5948) had 12 reviews.  All but 2 were a solid 5 stars!  There was 1 four star review.  One particular review was the style I was going for.  She used a gorgeous fabric and it spoke to me.  I checked out her review here, on her blog, of course: Saturday Night Stitch.  She’s speaking to me!  I love how she writes!  AND!!!  She used quilting cotton fabric!

I noticed that the two reviewers who left 4 out of 5 stars did several alterations to the pattern. The other reviewers did not make modifications and made it just as the pattern instructed.

The third pattern (McCalls 7322) had three reviews.  One of the reviews was the tank top version and not the t-shirt or pull-over top as the other two.  I jumped to that review and found that she even blogged about it here: I Sew You Sew Blog.  She made hers out of silk…hmmmm, I plan on making mine from just cotton fabric.  The suggested fabrics for this pattern are challis, crepe, lawn, cotton knit.  Uh oh.  I have lawn, but it’s saved for a quilting project….I’m not messing up that project for a tank top.

I’m now leaning towards pattern #5948.  I pulled the directions out of the pattern and double checked my ability to understand their step by step directions.  The directions are 3 pages long but for the style (B), the directions show finished on the end of page 2.  Seems simple enough right?  I hope those aren’t famous last words!  LOL.

For style B I need 3/4 of a yard for a size 12 version of this top.  I just realized this pattern size is for 8, 10, & 12.  I must have purchased this “before baby”…know what I mean?  Time to check measurements!

Let’s save that for Part 3…This mommy needs a cocktail if I have to pull out the measuring tape for myself!

Happy Quilting!

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