The Quilter’s Holiday Wish List

Do you have a quilter in your life?  And on your holiday gift list?  Do they have everything already and tell you they’ve done it already?  Super hard to shop for, right?

Are you even allowed in their sewing room?  Can you sneak a peak and see what they have already?  What interests them?  Do they tend to stick with certain colors or away from others?

Enough questions…let’s get some answers!  Well, here’s a list of a few items to consider for them…

1.  Scissors.  Every sewer and quilter uses scissors.  You know bad things happen when you use the fabric scissors for something other than fabric, right?  People have been known to disappear.

You really can’t go wrong with a nice pair and/or unique pair of scissors.  They could be a small pair for clipping threads at the machine or a nice balanced pair for cutting out a pattern.

One of the items on my wish list for the International Quilt Festival was a small pair of embroidery scissors to clip threads by my sewing machine.  My regular size scissors are heavy duty and clipping threads became annoying.  I sew on a vintage machine so I don’t have a thread clipper on the machine like the new fancy machines.  I found scissors range in prices from a couple of bucks to over a hundred dollars.  It just depends.  Here are a few links to help you get started on the scissor search.

Seasonal Supplies Etsy Shop – $6.00

12 Different animals to choose from unicorn, chicken, frog, snakes…Check out the listing for complete details!

Kutting Edge Supplies – $6.25 Retro Guitar Scissors

Not your style?  You can always check out a pair of pinking shears or maybe you want a special metal: rose gold, bronze, or a true antiqued pair of scissors.

2.  Notions/Bobbin Box.  Everyone has a way they keep their bobbins together, but have you thought of a personalized notions box?  So thoughtful!  And you know the sewer in your life will love to pull it out at their next bee meeting or class just to show it off.

Just do a search for Notions Box and see what you can find.  Here are a few from Etsy that will sure to be a hit!

Personalized Notions Box  from Mally’s Craft Ltd on Etsy.

This is only $9.95!

There’s tons more on Etsy…

3.  No more tomatoes!  Everyone can get a silly old tomato pincushion in a wide variety of colors just by going to the huge commerical store.  Why not get a magnetic small bowl to hold your pins while you sew?  There are some unique items available on Etsy.

If they have a Singer 221-Featherweight, you can gift them the matching magnetic pin bowl on the Singer Featherweight Shop’s website!

TODAY!!!  It is ON SALE!!!  

4.  Seam Rippers!  Whether we admit it or not, we use them…a lot.  Why not have a nice one to use while we cuss ourselves for sewing the wrong fabrics together?  Something I realized too recently out on the Thanksgiving holiday, was you need more than one in your possession.  I recently left for holiday with family and had a sewing project for my down time and forgot my seam ripper in another sewing project bag.

Handmade Acrylic Seam Ripper – $22.95

Lots of colors to choose from!

Wooden Seam Ripper – $24.95

More colors here too…

5.  When in doubt, go to their favorite quilt shop and buy them a gift certificate!  They can always buy something they want or save it to pay for a class they’ve been eyeing to try!  I love getting these.  For me, my top two shops are Quilters Crossing in Tomball, Texas or A Cowgirl Quilt Shop in Jewett, Texas.  Who’s ever complained about getting a gift card?  Not me…

Do they have a Singer 221-Featherweight Machine?  They may prefer a gift card there.  Get one of those online!

6.  If your quilter has really been extra nice and deserves an amazing treat – I always recommend speaking to them about buying something for their machine, or even get a new machine (to them).  Your loved one could have had their eye on possibly a vintage machine, a new machine case, or even that pricey foot they’ve been drooling over but never said anything about.  They may want a Singer Featherweight…and what quilter doesn’t?  They may want a new top of the line embroidery machine.  They may want a long-arm quilting machine with frame!

My big purchase at the International Quilt Festival was a new case/carrying tote to take my machine to classes and for sewing bees.  I figured I would end up paying close to $200.  I found my bag for $60!  And then found an Etsy Shop who tracked down the same fabric and is now making me a smaller bag for my sewing supplies (scirros, bobbins, threads, etc.) to keep safe and from scratching my machine inside the case.

Anna Giffin Rolling Bags are a great option too!  This is the bag that I found at the Quilt Fest thar screamed a touch of retro to me…Perfect for my Featherweight!  Anna Griffin Bag – Leilani Design     $165.00

7.  Perhaps something for their sewing room, if they are so lucky to have their own space or room, or studio for that matter…or even a thread spool organizer!

When I first started sewing as an adult and building my sewing station, I made the mistake of buying the small thread spool holder from JoAnns thinking why would I ever have that many spools of thread?  Well, I love thread, especially varigated thread…you know the kind that changes color every inch or so….FREAKING LOVE IT!

Now, I wish I had purchased the larger spool holder because then I would have room for all of my threads and would be able to hang it on my sewing cabinet.  Thus, getting it up and out of the way for my creativity to explode.  There are so many examples of decorative thread spool holders on the internet…You no longer have to settle for the plain wooden racks with wooden pegs.

8.  The last idea I have is to add to your quilter’s fabric cutting supplies.  This may be a new rotary cutter or even a serious fabric cutter like the AccuQuilt Go Cutters.  This is one item I have my eye on right now.  This may be just what this quilter needs!  If you haven’t checked them out, do some research and actually speak to your quilter about this before making this purchase.

An AccuQuilt cutter requires buying dies to use with a special cutting mat to cut multiple layers all at once.  This may be an investment for your quilter and if they don’t use the die shapes, then it’s not worth it.  You can cut 6 layers out at once.  That speaks to me.  So I’m doing my research!

The gift ideas can really be endless…a certain fat quarter bundle may even make your quilter smile a little brighter this holiday season…if you’re not sure which one, then maybe the gift card may be the answer to let your quilter pick out exactly what they want!

Quilting is known as not a cheap hobby…but your gift to your quilter doesn’t have to break the bank!  There are plenty of options out there that will make your quilter smile and your pocketbook happy at the same time!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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