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We all idealize the way we will eat healthy once we are a mom and we will be a great role model for our kids to be healthy…
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And then reality sets in…

As a new mom, I’ve been working on getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness levels.  As many of you know I’ve hit the plateaus that many of us hit when trying to lose weight. Many many variables have impacted this: the weather (no outside activities), family obligations, sleep deprivation, etc.

Several mom groups have exercise challenges each day that you can participate in and either comment you have done them or do a live video on Facebook. I’ve enjoyed these and do step challenges and plank challenges. We share meal plans and recipes. It’s a great source of support.

Recently, Bailey woke up with a high fever. A doctors visit concluded she had an ear infection in one ear and another ear was covered in mucus-starting another infection.  Where did this come from?  No signs…no symptoms…just woke up with fever. 

As a result, she wants to stay in bed laying down. She tries to sleep but has some pain that wakes her up.  As another result of her not feeling well, I’m not allowed to leave her sight and most of the time have to lay beside her and she snuggles up. This has created another challenge to my workout routine and meals.  Unless you have a cooktop in your bedroom…I can’t figure it out. 

On day 3 of this illness, I’m eating whatever’s available and ready to be eaten. This means yesterday I ate two King Size Hershey bars and about 6 cookies.  The day before I don’t even remember eating. On the first day though I did eat a hard boiled egg and a bowl of beef stroganoff at dinner when Hubby came home from work and held Bailey comforting her. 

Well, I just weighed myself thinking I would have gained and I’m only 6 pounds away from my goal now. In 3 days I’ve lost 9 pounds. I’m not complaining either but this was a hell of a way to do it. I hate it when Bailey feels bad and is sick. It’s torture. I wish she wasn’t sick and she was well and feeling 100% like herself. 

If anything, as I eat two Mrs. Baird’s Apple hand pies and drink my coffee full of sugared up flavored creamer, this has brought up food storage to me.  How can I keep foods and meals here at the house with super easy heating abilities?  I don’t want an MRE (Hubby suggested this.).  MREs have too many calories for a day like this.  It doesn’t quite fit the bill.  I opened my last can of chicken noodle soup for Bailey…she loves it and finally ate enough to fill her belly for the first time in three days. 

Obviously, I need to buy more soup!  Honestly, I could make it and freeze it but then I have to have enough sleep to remember to thaw it and who really knows how anyone will feel the next day…My solution is still to buy some but to make more and keep it in the deep freezer for those days when someone is ill for several days. 

As a SAHM, sick kiddos are still new to me.  I’m still surprised how often they are really sick.  Bailey has had a good track record though, unlike her sister who is always sick.  I’m sure daycare doesn’t help her health though.  I’d change it if I could. 

Well, I’m off to look up other quick and easy meals and foods for days like this.  I hate being unprepared and having my meal plan thrown off – but it is what it is. 

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