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As I write this, I’ve been in awe of all that’s been accomplished in 2019 and can’t even fathom yet what 2020 can bring…We completed a Back to the Basics Beginner Quilt Block series in 2019, so let’s up our game a bit, shall we?

2020 has brought a new idea for our FREE Block of the Month series. It’s brought us a new vision for the next year!

You will notice two NEW pages/tabs on the page.  This year, we will have TWO projects ongoing.  I highly recommend checking those out and reading the details to enter into the NEW GIVEAWAY!



The New Block of the Month is a Mystery Row by Row, of sorts….

For January, there will not be a block per month, per say.  We will share colors and ideas of the themes to make the row by row.

What is a row by row?  Well, for this project you will create as many blocks to complete the row as you please.  It could be a wall hanging size or King size.  It literally is just this flexible!

You may be familiar with how quilt shops will collaborate on a Row by Row.  Each shop will make a large block or a section of the quilt.  Customers can then go to each store to get the pattern and fabrics to make that shop’s block of the quilt.  After the customer goes to each shop and purchases the patterns, then they will have all of the information to make the quilt that so many quilt shops collaborated on together.  These quilts will have a theme that ties them together: summer fun, gardens, food items, and such.

Our Row by Row Mystery will not be as confined or limited.  The quilt can be whatever we make of it.  Each month we will ponder on a theme on how to create a section of our quilt.  I will share more details on what I do for the first couple of months to help explain and demonstrate how our options are really endless working the quilt in this manner.  If you like the fabrics I’m using, I will have some of them available for purchase through the Sew Much Charm Shop page.

The colors I’ve been drawn to for this year are peacock colors: purples, blues, gold, and teal to name a few.  My plan is to select 3 or 4 colors to work with this year and complete this new version of the block of the month.

In February, I will announce our first theme or concept to get your creative juices flowing.  If the first theme is stars – you can use fabric with stars, or make star blocks to fill in your row.

You are really only limited by your creativity and I’m hoping that this year we will break that glass ceiling and soar into the stars!  By the 7-10th day of the month, I will share with you some ideas on how I used the theme to fill in my row for my quilt.  Then by the end of the month, I’m hoping you will share yours with us on social media and use the hashtag #sewmuchcharmbom.

This is going to be a more relaxed BOM Project because we will only need about 9-10 rows at the most.  So this will give us time to also talk about the quilting and finishing of our quilt tops before Christmas!



We will also learn applique this year!  Be sure to check out the new tab/page for the 2020 Applique BOM.  I’ve come across a new technique that I’m dying to try in a quilt top and this year will be the year to experiment with it.  Each month I will run a sale on a Pattern Poole Applique Pattern (from Australia).  That pattern will be the project for the month.  I will share my journey with learning how to applique with videos and blog posts, of course.

January’s pattern is the Gigi Giraffe!  Go to our shop page and purchase it now!  This is a fun pattern and is beginner level for all to enjoy.



Super cute, right?  Pattern Poole used a lot of batiks to get the look on their packaging here.  We will be using a mix of cottons and batiks.

This would be a great chance to start to use up some scraps from your stash, but if you don’t have a lot that’s calling your name for this project — I will have a few fabrics coming to the Sew Much Charm Shop page.





I love the look of this linen fabric as the background that Pattern Poole used but I really want a cotton with this tan cream combination.

I found it with Cantik Cottons from Canada.  I ordered the whole bolt, so if you want some too – you will be able to buy it from the shop page.







I’m very excited about this upcoming year.  This year will have a ton of new opportunities and lots to learn.

This year will also be the year our newsletter kicks off too.  If you haven’t done so, be sure to sign up!  Newsletter subscribers are going to get the first news of new products to hit the store before anyone else.

We wish you a very safe and happy new year’s celebration!  See you in 2020!

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