Spring Break 2018

As Spring Break 2018 ends, I smile thinking of all the new memories we have made as a family.

We didn’t travel anywhere fancy…we went to the deer camp. We didn’t eat anything fancy…we ate almost everyday at home. We didn’t go to any fancy shops or go on a shopping spree.  We didn’t spend a lot of money on anything.

We kept it simple and it was the best time!  We did some work around the property cleaning it up, watched deer and animals eat at the feeder, played board games, went fishing, went on at least one hike per day, watched family friendly movies, had quality family time with great granny, ate quality meals that didn’t cost us a fortune, had a birthday party for the oldest who turned five…the list goes on and on.

We were very busy…but so needed it! It was amazing to wake up, pour my coffee, and sit on the couch to see the deer come out of the woods to the feeder.

As I start my week, I find myself now working on 3 quilts for clients – all memorial quilts.  I’m also picked up a new to me Singer featherweight sewing machine.  I’m so excited about it.  I plan on using it to piece the memorial quilts.  I’m anxious to get started on them and start showing you how wonderful the quilts will be with simple sewing techniques. I also can’t wait to tell you about the amazing man who left these shirts behind for his wonderful wife…and the memories they hold.

Today (Tuesday) is drop off day for:

Im so excited!  I’m not sure if Im more excited about checking out all the goodies or dropping my own stuff off to make some money!!! I finished tagging my items, grouped them by sizes…and already loaded into my truck for drop off.  I’m actually waiting for my drop off time right now…That should tell you how easy this is!

After printing your tags from your computer JBF account….

TIP 1:  I started by seperating the sizes as I pinned the tags.  This made it very easy!  Remember you have to have it organized when you go to drop off.  You don’t want to be running around if you don’t have to. 

TIP 2:  Here’s my example of how to tag.  The hanger needs to face this direction and tag needs to be pinned in this location.  Notice I safety pinned the clothing together.  One reason is because it prevents it from falling off the hanger and getting “lost”.  It can also prevents theft.

TIP 3:   I simply tapped across the tags (entire tag) when I had items in packages like these two items.  

TIP 4: I saved twist ties from bread loaves and used them to tie the same size clothes’ hangers together.  This is a great idea when you don’t have many items.  I have seen people use trash bags (over the coat hangers like dry cleaning) when they had lots of  clothes.

I’m also excited because I’m going to “go live” for the first time ever on Facebook….(I’m behind the times, I know.).  Speaking of Facebook…WATCH for the NEW My Charmed Cabin Life Facebook page!  It’s going live this week!

How many of you are going to use your pass to get in free tomorrow?  I will be there!

Come see me and use your free pass!  Tell the front door you got your pass from the My Charmed Cabin Life blog.

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