Quilt Market 2019 is a Wrap! My Top 5



What an experience…Words simply do not describe my FIRST ever Quilt Market.  I’m going to try though…

Going and meeting so many wonderful people who have the same passion as you do is a great feeling, but also being able to buy products to help you make wonderful quilts is like HEAVEN.  It’s amazing.

Sample Spree was described to me as “Black Friday for Quilters”.  However you imagine Black Friday deals where people are running and grabbing things from each other at Wal-Mart to make that amazing deal….yes.  People were running from booth to booth to see the fabrics and products and buy as fast as they could.  They didn’t grab and steal from each other that I saw…but there was shoving to get through the door.  Did you see my Instagram?  The videos are posted there.

When our neighbor in line told us what to expect, I said I am going to stand back and video this.  No way am I missing this on video.  The amazing deals weren’t very important to me.  I was there for the experience.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat!  I’d pay more, in fact, to do it again.

What is Sample Spree?  Sample Spree was at 7PM – 9PM and you had to pay $15 to go to the Quilt Market.  There were probably 50 vendors with tables set up with their products.  Some products were below wholesale prices.  There was a limited number of the items, hence the running…  Some items had not even been released yet to the public!  So many quilt shop owners were trying to grab those deals and get them to their shops the next day to see how they sold.  Then if their customers liked them, then they could come back in the following days of Quilt Market and buy more or order more.

It was at Sample Spree where I met Cantik Cotton & Batiks Fabrics.  I fell in love as soon as I felt the fabrics.  It was the softest cotton…Reminded me of how soft Cotton & Steel’s fabrics feel like.  I immediately wanted to rub them on my face.  I didn’t.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t embarrass anyone.  Thank goodness.  The prints were adorable…the cutest little iguanas, orcas, frogs, and other adorable patterns.

I did ask them if I could make an order then and there.  I was not able to because they were so busy SELLING OUT!  I was able to find this vendor again Sunday when I went back to Quilt Market.  Thank goodness!  I think I grabbed the last fat quarter pack in greens and I gave them money as fast as possible to ensure I could keep the one set of fat quarters I was able to grab from the table.  The table was surrounded!


I was simply amazed at how many different fabrics in oh, so many colors they carried.  More on that later…


I also found the BRAND NEW – WILL BE RELEASED AT QUILT FESTIVAL – Kimber Bell Thread Boxes!  There was one kit that I had to have and I bought it below wholesale at Sample Spree.  There were only 4 on the table and I got the last one.

It’s a two level box with thread colors for KIMBERBELL’s Happy Hoop Decor Christmas Nativity Ornaments Project.  I do not plan on making ornaments, but the threads are simply beautiful and I know my Featherweight will love them for beautiful decorative stitching.  If it doesn’t, you know I’ll share that with you!

These are SO NEW that I can’t even find a “professional stock” photo of the thread set!  Look at these colors!  They are so rich and divine!  You have all of the metallic tones with even a rose gold!


Maywood Studio Fabrics was also a vendor I couldn’t pass up.  They were swamped and I saw jelly rolls in a variety of prints…3 in particular stood out to me.  One was in bright primary/rainbow colors and it sold out as I stood there trying to reach the table.  After searching the Maywood Studio website, I believe the name is called “Gelato“.  What I didn’t know is that the fabric is OMBRE.  Had I known, I probably would have pushed my way in to the table to grab the last bit of that fabric.

Another was a collection called “Nocturne” of fabrics in white, black, and grey prints.  GORGEOUS!  The last was called “Good Vibrations” is very bright and colorful.  Lime green, purple, light blue, pinks, oranges, yellows…I love it.  It immediately made me happy.











The names of these fabric lines are links – and it will take you directly to Maywood Studio Fabrics to see all of the fabrics in the lines and you can buy directly from them too.  I know my pics will not do them justice so I used the pictures from the Maywood Studio site….these pictures do them justice!  I encourage you to go to their site and see all of the fabrics from their new lines!


Of course, I had to stop in and see the Featherweight Shop’s booth.  It’s #915 if you are going to Festival this weekend.  I really thought they would have someone hired to take their booth and operate it.  But…NOPE.  It really was the Henry Family!  It was almost like seeing Quilt Royalty in person!  I was so shocked and excited when I saw them setting up their booth, I hit them up for a photo!  You know I did.



And then, I turned the corner from The Featherweight Shop, and BAM!  There was an Australian company named Pattern Poole with fun and cute animals as applique patterns…FOR A BEGINNER!  They were in bright batiks and looked like so much fun.  I immediately knew I had to talk to this vendor for more information.  What I found out was that it was a mom and daughter team who were marketing their own designs looking for American vendors.  Well, I obviously fit the bill here.  I could not believe how adorable they are!



It was this vendor that made me think, “Hey, why don’t we try an intro to Applique on the blog?”….and they liked the idea…a lot.  So much so that I have 13 patterns on the way to me.  Which pattern do you think we should try first?  See T-Rex?  I already asked if they could make more dinosaurs…so that could be a summer retreat project in the future.  This isn’t my picture, btw – it belongs to Pattern Poole.  They shared it to their Facebook Page…which you should go to right now and check them out.

Honestly, I think I only saw a third of the Market.  It was a stimulation overload of creativity and inspiration with motivation all rolled up into one place.  AMAZING.  This is not everything I purchased but these were my top 5 FAVORITES!

With all of the amazing, creative and inspiring people at Quilt Market…I’m anxious to get back to it this weekend at Quilt Festival.  I’ll be back there Friday and Saturday and hopefully I will be able to finish seeing the rest of the vendors.  Will I see you there too?

Happy Quilting!


  1. Rocio on October 31, 2019 at 12:41 am

    This is so beautiful. You guys are talented

    • My Charmed Cabin Life on October 31, 2019 at 10:25 am

      Thank you so much Rocio!

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