Quilt Block…Art?



Yes, you read that right?  Quilt Block Art?  Have you heard of it?  Whenever I find something that I like, I really like to share it with all of you – afterall, we are all learning to quilt and sew together.  If I just found out about something, it’s likely I need to share.  How else can we learn, but from each other?  I love that about our community!




I saw quilt blocks of solid white fabric with what looked like painted scenes on them at a local quilt show.  Remember the Knights of Columbus Charity Quilt Show?  Yes!  I saw it there…but that was not the first time.  I saw it earlier at a show in Huntsville (East Texas Thimble Trail) and have always wondered about it but then at the KC Charity Quilt Show, I got to do a close inspection.  It literally looks like someone painted on the fabric – but it felt like normal fabric!  It didn’t feel hard or stiff from paint…The painting was actually quite beautiful!  There were so many different scenes and images available.  I’ve wondered about it ever since…

I recently found the creator of the “Quilt Block Art” on Instagram…I had no idea it was called that.  I was looking for the artist’s name.  I had taken a photo of one block so I could look her up.  Her name?  Kathleen Kilgore McElwaine.  She’s also on Facebook.

I found the artist on Instagram and decided to follow her.  Kathleen’s website was listed in her BIO on Instagram.  Not on Instagram?  Not to worry – I have it here: Kathleen McElwaine.  She takes her own paintings and has them printed on real professional quilters cotton fabric.

There are so many painted scenes available – flowers, Texas themed, Western/Rodeo, farm life, animals, tractors, ocean scenes, Christmas, birds, RVs/Campers, Llamas, dogs, and even something for AGGIES!  I think there is really something for everyone.  This isn’t all of the categories, just a few.

There are so many…and guess what!  You can’t find them in HoustonHow is that even possible?  I don’t know…but I’m going to start tagging quilt shops and see if they will start.  If you are a quilt shop – message her!  If you are a customer – tag your favorite quilt shop AND tell them in person/social media to start getting these in.  The quilt shop customers are missing out!  I’m missing out!  These blocks are amazing!  I shouldn’t have to drive 2 hours to go look at them.

Where CAN you find Quilt Block Art?  Well, there is a list on Kathleen’s webpage – but I did see one of my favorite shops does carry it – so I will tell you about Brenda with the Cowgirl Quilt Shop.  Her shop is located in Jewett, Texas – a bit off the beaten path – but Brenda’s customer service is top knotch.  She also carries all of the western & rodeo blocks from Kathleen since her store is a western/cowgirl theme.  It was also Brenda’s booth at the KC Charity Quilt Show where I was able to check them out up close.




I was able to snag 4 floral scenes: 2 blue and 2 red.  I picked images that match my 2019 BOM Sampler Quilt.  I love the pop of color and with Spring coming…I had to have it!


Still not sure how you would incorporate these painted quilt blocks into a quilt?  Imagine taking all of the BOMs we did last year out of the quilt and replacing them with these painted quilt blocks!  It would be wonderful and it sure would be a gift that would be cherished.


You can even frame a scene and hang it on your wall or give as a gift.




While in Bryan, Texas, I found this cute Collie in flowers and it sure looks a lot like Reveille!  HELLO AGGIES!  I’m not an Aggie.  I’m a Bearkat. I have SO MANY Aggie friends though, I had to get it.  Someone’s birthday will come up or it will be a Christmas present….This will make a great gift!  Table runner, apron, pillow, kitchen window covering, the options are really endless.  In fact, I bet I get a message from one of them after this blog post goes live.  LOL!



So what am I going to do with 4 floral blocks?


Stay tuned for the next blog post! 





Happy Quilting! (& Sewing!)















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