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 Welcome to Sew Much Charm!

I make custom handmade quilts and sell wonderful fabrics, patterns, notions and other quilting products. I'm always searching for awesome sewing & quilting bloggers to share with you as well! Join me on my sewing adventures as I create & make! 

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Two Nights in a Row!!

I’m on fire!  WOWZER! Two new recipes in one week!  I know…I’m living a dangerous life with picky eaters in this household…but when I saw how easy and simple this recipe was, I had to try it.  And after all, the time needed is in the title of the recipe….Ten Minute Beef Teriyaki!  The recipe boasts…

Let’s try this…Pollo Loco

New recipe night! This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions…learn more recipes…experiment more in the kitchen…Tonight, I’m trying Pollo Loco by www.plainchicken.com.  I’m really loving Stephanie’s blog and website.  I now follow her on Instagram too. After reading her recipe…of course there’s a few things I can’t do exactly like her.  The first thing is that…

Meal Planning…Take 2!

One thing I love about meal planning is that I get to try to use up all the goodies in my fridge up before they go bad, well I try to anyways.  I hate throwing food out and there was a time in our lives when we would throw out hundreds of dollars of food…

Meal Planning Gone Astray…

Every Sunday night I try to sit down and search the Internet for meal ideas that will fit into my weekly grocery budget and will feed my family of picky eaters.  I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one. I thought meal planning was just writing out your menu for the week so you wouldn’t…

It’s Time to Celebrate!

I grew up in a religious denomination that does not celebrate birthdays because John the Baptist lost his head at a birthday party.  I’m pretty sure that if I went to a party at the age of 12 or so, I would not have lost my head.  Well, maybe not physically…maybe with all the sugar! …

First New Recipe for the New Year!

Only 9 days into the new year (last night’s dinner) and I have been keeping with my new years resolutions!  That’s pretty good for me…usually I would have forgotten them by now and continued whatever habits I had planned on stopping earlier.  My third and fourth resolutions were about cooking new meals for my family. …

Instagram is LIVE!

Follow me on Instagram to see pictures of my everyday life!  We are LIVE! Search for mycharmedcabinlife and follow along in all the cabin fun!

The New Year Begins

The new year begins and many people will write resolutions for the new year.  Many people will make those goals unattainable and fail within the first three months of the year.  Many people will try as hard as they can to accomplish their goals, but for whatever reasons beyond their control, they may fail… This…

The New Mom Routine

Before getting married, and obviously before children, I had a pretty normal routine.  I had to be at work by 6am though.  I was up around 4:00am to start my day – coffee made, shower, dressed, bible study/devotional time even….and out the door by 5:15am.  I enjoyed my radio program on the way to work…

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I enjoy gardening, quilting, sewing, & cooking as a relatively new stay-at-home mom of two girls.

I make custom handmade quilts for clients and recently decided to learn how to sew garments for my little girls.  Watch my journey & learn from my mistakes.

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