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I make custom handmade quilts and sell wonderful fabrics, patterns, notions and other quilting products. I'm always searching for awesome sewing & quilting bloggers to share with you as well! Join me on my sewing adventures as I create & make! 

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Let’s Make Some Money…Part 2!

One thing I promised last week was to show you how easy it is to consign with Just Between Friends for one of the consignment sales.  Here it is…It’s so easy that I was actually shocked at how easy everything is set up for us busy moms on the go.FIND A SALE.  This is as…

Valentines & Heavenly Turkey Goulash

I ran to the grocery store today…on Valentine’s Day.  I couldn’t believe how many people were lined up for chocolate covered strawberries.  It’s not that hard.  Melt chocolate.  Dip strawberry.  Lay out on sheet pan in fridge to harden.  If I didn’t need bacon for tonight’s Valentine’s dinner for the hubby – I would have…

Let’s Make Some Money!

In every mommy Facebook group page I’m in, and I’m in a lot of them, there seems to be a mom who always asks about working from home to supplement their family income.  I have to admit that it’s intrigued me too. I’ve searched for ways that I could earn some money to help my…

My iPhone Dilemma

I am one of those people who have over 13,000 photos on their phone.  That’s right….13,000+! I love taking pictures of things all around me.  I think part of it is that I don’t want to miss sharing a moment with family, friends, and the Hubby.  Sometimes I get some really awesome shots…but I’m no…

Italian Turkey Meatloaf

I had a few questions about the picture I posted on Instagram of last night’s dinner and where specifically to find the link for the recipe.  I made Italian Turkey Meatloaf with mashed potatoes (with skins on) and green beans.  I’ve never made meatloaf for my Hubby because he always talks about how much he…

February’s Grocery Challenge!

Due to a recent issue, Hubby’s car was put into the shop and the cost to repair set us on a tight budget until his next paycheck.  With this, I decided to meal plan with cheaper meals and found a post on Facebook where someone asked if it was possible to feed a family of…

A Dream Space for Quilting

Hubby has offered to build a one room cabin that I will be able to use as my sewing cabin on the property of our deer camp.  He’s never done this before and sees this as an opportunity to test his carpentry skills.  I’m not sure he knows how much work he has signed up…

Planning the Menu…Again.

It’s the 29th of January and I’m already a day late on getting the week ready for productivity and efficiency.  As I’m sitting here waiting for the baby to take her nap, I’m realizing I need a more productive way of meal planning so I’m not doing this every week…that’s at least 4 times a…

Deer Camp Decisions

I came up to the deer camp last night for a couple of reasons.  Last week we had several hard freezes with temperatures in the teens and I really wanted to check on the property to see if we had any damage.  I also wanted to come up early before Hubby so I can finish…

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I enjoy gardening, quilting, sewing, & cooking as a relatively new stay-at-home mom of two girls.

I make custom handmade quilts for clients and recently decided to learn how to sew garments for my little girls.  Watch my journey & learn from my mistakes.

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