October’s Block of the Month – Wheelin’ Around!




It’s October!  ALREADY!!!

Can you believe it’s October, already?  I can’t believe it…This year has flown by with all of our Back to the Basics BOM Series…we have a pile of blocks gathering around our sewing areas.

We are wheelin’ & dealin‘ in great quilt blocks! I still can’t get over how much is already done and if you are someone who decided to do 2 or more of each block, you have a nice stash of quilt blocks ready to be made into a glorious quilt!


I have all of our blocks from Block of the Month – Back to the Basics Series up on my design wall and I wonder which blocks I will move before I sew them all together into this awesome quilt.  I can tell I will be moving some around to help give it a balanced look.  As I look at all of the blocks we’ve done this year, I noticed we are missing a block that seems to be in nearly every sampler quilt I’ve ever seen….a pinwheel!

We have to have one, don’t we!  A super large pinwheel block would not fit our proportions of the quilt.  I played with several shapes and sizes before deciding on this pinwheel block I created in my little ole kitchen’s breakfast area (my now sewing space).

I laid out a few half square triangles and came up with 4 pinwheels and a cross of sashing fabric in between as our 12.5″ block for October.  I wanted my colors to pop and so I choose fabrics that would POP together.  For each pinwheel, I needed  2 squares in 2 different fabrics.  I did not duplicate fabrics in this block, but you can of course!

Now I mentioned 2 squares….in each fabric…I honestly used scraps from earlier cuttings and trimmings throughout the year.  I already had these half square triangles cut in my BOM Project Box.  I love that.  I hate wasting fabric.  Even blocks I tried to make and create earlier that turned out to be disasters are in my project box.


Each HST was cut from a 3.5″ square with 1/4″ trimmed removing the dog ears, sort of speak.  I also used my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter, 8″ Block Cube – Die # 4.  This was obviously the fastest way for me.  I’m beginning to be a pro at this cutter…I had so many people tell me that I would waste so much fabric using it and I’m here to say – that I did in the beginning, but NOT ANY MORE!  I had to learn how to line my fabric and where the blades were to cut clean lines.  Don’t be scared of the AccuQuilt GO!

I used very little of the neutral – in fact, I cut 1.5″ strips to fit the size block we need.  As you can see, you don’t need very much.

I laid out HSTs for 4 pinwheels.  Each pinwheel when sewn together measured 6 inches.  When I added the inside sashing the entire block finished at 12.5″ – PERFECT for our BOM Series!


This color block is the orange with the dark floral print.  It really makes the orange pop!  I love that.  I really want my quilt to be colorful and vibrant.

The AccuQuilt GO! is the reason my points line up so nicely.  I will admit cutting is not my strong suit.  Hey, we all have our limitations.





This became another pinwheel.  Just sew the HSTs together and then across the row in pairs, then join.

**Always press the seams to the darker side.  You will find this will set your seams so that when you sew the two halves together they will always have one seam going one way and the other seam will go the opposite way.




This photo doesn’t do the color justice for this pinwheel.  The blues pop!  They are so rich and vibrant bringing the yellow and the green out.






This is the fourth pinwheel.  As you can see this green and red doesn’t say Christmas – but next to the blue pinwheel above – the green shouts from the mountain tops!

So I played with where each pinwheel laid in the layout of the block so I could make sure it looked like what I had imagined.  Sometimes you just can’t rush it.  I stared at the layouts for probably an hour before I confirmed this was the way I wanted them to be.




Once your pinwheels are sewn – sew the short sash onto the pinwheel you want to be in the top left corner of the block.  Then sew the pinwheel you want in the top right to the sash.

Repeat for the other two pinwheels in the order you wish them to be in.





Next you will sew the long sash that goes through the middle of the block across one of the halves.  I had to pin mine in place rather well.

Press this seam very well!  You want it as flat as possible before you attach the next half of the block.

Pin the other half of the block to the sashing before you sew in place.  Just my suggestion – but it helps!



Once you have it sewn on – press again keeping it flat and you will love it!










I couldn’t wait and had to pin it on my design wall to see how it looked with the other blocks – and I have to say that I LOVE IT!!!  I love the colors!

I was a bit concerned about finding the right sashing fabric for in between the blocks – but I just recently found it!  I was so happy!  Even happier when I found that I had it in my stash!  (Don’t tell hubby!)

Want to know which fabric I selected?  Stay tuned to my Instagram tomorrow and you will see it up close and personal.  It’s wonderful and perfect…and I just love how this quilt top is coming together.

How are your quilt blocks coming along?

Share them Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #sewmuchcharmbom We’d love to see your fabrics!



Happy Quilting & Sewing!

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