My iPhone Dilemma

I am one of those people who have over 13,000 photos on their phone.  That’s right….13,000+!

I love taking pictures of things all around me.  I think part of it is that I don’t want to miss sharing a moment with family, friends, and the Hubby.  Sometimes I get some really awesome shots…but I’m no photographer!  No one would pay for these pictures but me! 

I have photos and videos of Bailey and Jameson nearly documenting every moment I am with them.  I have videos of the girls playing together…videos of Bailey laying on my lap laughing non-stop…I have pictures of diapers exploding with poop even.  I have pictures of quilts, fabrics, sewing patterns, nature pictures, my wedding photos, funny memes I want to use…the list goes on. 

Maybe I’m addicted to my camera phone.  Not so much the phone part.  Truth is, if you call me…I may not answer.  I hate talking on the phone because I did it so much at work.  I was required to answer the phone then.  If not, I faced possible disciplinary action, which is ridiculous to me now…life happens and supervisors should understand that.  (but I digress…)

I just tried to take a picture on my phone and it said out of storage.  Surely, I’m not the only one.  My phone has 64 GB of memory.  It’s full.  When I check the breakdown of the storage, it’s apparent I never delete anything and am afraid to be without…especially my beloved pictures.  Pictures alone take up nearly 38 GB of memory. 

I know what you’re saying…”Why not use the Cloud?“.  I’m not a fan of the iCloud…or any cloud relating to saving data.  Perhaps it’s my lack of faith in the technology…perhaps its the cases I’ve investigated where the cloud was hacked and personal information and PICTURES were released and shared to millions without the owners’ consent.  And…perhaps its from the lack of laws written that could have given those victims some closure and protection after the suspects were found and sent to trial. 

Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.  NEVER. 

Today, after I download and save the pictures to my computer…I’m going to delete them from my phone.  Nearly all of them…well, maybe some…

I have so much saved on my phone that I can no longer download updates on the software.  Sometimes I think that’s a good thing because the last time, it deleted half of my contacts’ information. 

So here I go into my iPhone’s storage to select and delete photos…

I have photos on my phone from 2015-present.  As I view these photos to confirm deletion, all the memories come flooding back.  It actually makes me sad to delete them.  However, I have to remind myself that I have them saved on this very computer that I’m typing on. 

(Fast forward two hours)  So I’ve gone through 2015 & 2016 and deleted a lot of photos!  A lot….

Photos only take up 29 GB now!  That’s only 10,757 photos folks!  I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and delete photos from last year….but one step at a time people!  LOL! 

Maybe I’ll do that software update now…maybe not. 

(All photos are Google images)

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