Meal Planning…Take 2!

One thing I love about meal planning is that I get to try to use up all the goodies in my fridge up before they go bad, well I try to anyways.  I hate throwing food out and there was a time in our lives when we would throw out hundreds of dollars of food that we didn’t eat in time before it began to rot. 

The lack of planning and preparing for our meals really hit our budget hard.  I’ve made the effort in the last couple of years to prevent it from happening.  I’m not perfect but I do still try to prevent throwing money out the window. 
This week I have chicken leg quarters, ground turkey, and ground beef in the fridge.  I have a few bell peppers and some cucumbers I’d like to use up this week too.  I also still have some leftovers from Bailey’s birthday party…
It’s Sunday night and here I am making the meal plan for the week…I found a couple great new recipes to try this week, with of course a few modifications needed to meet my pantry needs. 
Monday Night – Pollo Loco from – Chicken, Mexican rice, with some queso/cilantro/tomatoes
Tuesday Night – I would love stuffed bell peppers but hubby is not a fan of bell peppers….Instead, how about a 10 minute beef teriyaki from  One skillet meal with only 5 ingredients…sounds great for a Tuesday night. 
Wednesday – I’m driving out of town to take care of my husband’s grandmother with dementia. Ill use up some of the chicken salad leftovers from the party. 
Thursday –  I can deal with leftovers or a sandwich. 
Friday – Hubby is coming up for dinner.  Something I found easy to make online is the Pioneer Woman’s Bowtie Lasagna recipe.  I found this recipe on 
Saturday – Braised BBQ Pork Ribs, BBQ Bread, potato salad…I’ll stick to a classic for our family.  This is super easy to make and everyone will love it!  Granny included.
Sunday – This is my drive back to the cabin day.  A sandwich and such will be just fine…I’ll take this day off from cooking if I can.  I’ll need a break to meal plan for next week, right?  
Well, I have my grocery order ready online (Thank goodness for ClickList!)…and all is done for this week.  This week has been a success! 

Have a great week everyone!

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