May’s Block of the Month!

Are you excited?  

We are on month 5!  The year is half way over…How do you feel about your skills after we’ve started going back to the basics and have done a few simple beginner blocks?

I personally feel much better and have been using my machine more and have become more confident in my sewing.  I hope you have too!

This month’s block is a bit more complex, but lets you practice sewing and piecing something that many quilters will avoid….Flying Geese.  I have avoided them for years…Now, it’s time to conquer them.

I did not find this block in my AccuQuilt book.  I happened up on it on….Pinterest, of course!  LOL.  Isn’t that where I find everything?  I seriously don’t know how I did anything without Pinterest.  Of course, I wasn’t sewing before Pinterest either…so I digress..

The image I found was watermarked by The Crafty Quilter, but the image was from  I searched both websites and could not find the tutorials or the image again.  So I’m not sure who to credit this wonderful creation to.  I’m assuming The Crafty Quilter made it and perhaps the blog site is marketing it or was promoting it for her.  If you find out, or if by some small chance you are The Crafty Quilter – please let me know!

The original design is set in rainbow colors and I freaking love it!  There is enough fabric choices with this block to bring in my variety of fabrics and tie in existing ones.  I love that.  This is my own personal choice in designing my quilt.  You may opt to do it on just two fabrics, or three, or however many you want!  This is something I love about quilting…if you aren’t able (due to fabrics, etc) to make it exactly like the pattern, you can always modify it for yourself to make it your own (with your fabrics you have on hand…).  My fabrics are not necessarily rainbow in theory, but I have color in my palette and I’m excited to use a variety of them in one block!

So, are you ready to see the block?

Screenshot from my phone

This is the screenshot from my phone to show you the watermarked image and the documented blog – website.

I’m in no way ever, ever saying I created this block…Again, I want to encourage new sewers (like myself) to experiment and search for sewing blogs to learn and create wonderful things!

Back to the block…

I’m not a rainbow kind of girl…my girls are…but I do like color!  So when I saw this block, I thought how awesome this would be to make in “my” quilt colors.  I can show the new fabrics I wanted to incorporate into my quilt top without it looking too different.

So here’s what I choose:

I substituted the purple toned fabric for a wildflower floral print that I stumbled upon at A Cowgirl Quilt Shop.  See the green with white flowers fabric?  Got it from Brenda too!  If you ever go to Jewett, Texas or shop online with Brenda, tell her I sent you!  She is a wonderful woman and very knowledgeable.

The yellow, red gingham, orange, and blue fabrics are new and I purchased them from Carol’s Quilt Shop.  This is a brand new shop located in Chappell Hill, Texas.

The bright bluebonnet & Indian Paintbrush fabric is what I purchased from Quilters Crossing in Tomball, Texas.  I purchased this a year ago, last summer, without knowing what I would do with it until I had decided to do the Block of the Month here on MCCL.  I just fell in love with the colors and I wanted something bright and beautiful for my home.

This is not all of the fabrics…you will need a neutral tone and for me, I ran out of the white with grey wood pattern fabric and haven’t been able to find it since.  It’s probably gone.  I absolutely loved it and I definitely should have bought more than a fat quarter.  The whole bolt would have been nice, but who buys the whole bolt?  Have you ever done that?  There are so many times when I wish I could.  But…even if I did, where would I keep a whole bolt of fabric?  I simply don’t have the space. Where there is a will, there is a way…LOL.  I bet I could find space.

Let’s talk sizes!  

The large square in the middle is Die 1 from the 8″ AccuQuilt cube.  This die is a 4.5″ square.  You will only need 1 square for each block you make.

The triangles around this square are from Die 4 from the 8″ AccuQuilt cube.  This die is a Quarter Square Triangle from a 4″ Finished Square.  I choose to keep the same tones as the example: 2 red, 2 orange, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 purple floral fabrics.

The smaller triangles that you will use to form the Flying Geese are from Die 5 of the 8″ AccuQuilt cube.  This die is of Half Square Triangles from a 2″ Finished Square.

The last piece of the puzzle is a rectangle in neutral tones.  You will only need 4 of these.  This rectangle measures 2.5″ x 4.5″.

You certainly don’t need the AccuQuilt fabric cutting system to make this block, but it sure helps!  I had all of these pieces pressed and cut out within 5 minutes.  I actually stood checking my fabrics to make sure I got them all because I cut them so quickly.  If my AccuQuilt cutter should ever fail me…I would cry.  I seriously love this tool for quilting!  I am an affiliate for AccuQuilt, but I seriously do love this.  {Side note:  Check out their new special for May 1-13th!  15% off GO! dies & Companion Sets!  Just click any of the AccuQuilt links above!}

Make the Geese!  
Take all of the large triangles (2 of each color, if that’s how you decided) and you will start by making the geese.  The AccuQuilt book recommends sewing the left side on first.  I don’t think it matters because I thought the ones with the right sewn on looked better in my opinion.

How?  Take a small neutral triangle and sew on one side of the larger triangle.  Press open!  Then sew the other triangle on the other side.  Note, the second neutral triangle will overlap the first one.

Another great thing about the AccuQuilt is how it cuts the fabric to line up for Flying Geese.  Notice the dog ears have been cut off?  All you have to do is match them up!  Just sew a scant 1/4″ seam and it works like magic!  

After doing these, I can’t believe I stayed away from Flying Geese for so long…This is really easy!

This picture shows what the Flying Geese will look like if you don’t match up the edges correctly…Just take your time and match the edges up and work up to the center point of the larger triangle.  When I did that, it worked every time.

Once you’ve choosen your fabrics, simply layout your blocks to view it.  Double check to make sure it is where you want it.  Are you trying to copy the rainbow effect of this block?  Are your geese in the right spot?  

Sew it Together!

I sectioned the pieces off in pairs and the sewed those together.  I kept the rows together too by doing that.

For example, the top row: yellow and orange were sewn together, solid neutral and green, blue and purple floral.

Once the pairs were together, I sewed across each row.

Then I used pins to match my seams around the large center square and sewed the rows together forming the block!

Press open! 

This block ended up being a nearly perfect 12.5″ square, so this will finish in our quilt tops as 12″ like all of the other blocks we’ve done.  I didn’t trim this block at all, I wanted to show you what it looks like once it was sewn together.  I see a few spots that may need to be trimmed up before I sew it to the other quilt blocks.

I say nearly because I found a few places on the block where it will need to be trimmed and hugged…See what I mean?   Hey no one is perfect, right?  I’m pretty sure I can still make this work in my quilt so I’m not taking it apart.  I will test this theory next week when I start sewing my quilt blocks together to form my quilt top.  Overall, I’m very pleased with my results and for my first time making this block.  

Have you ever made this block?  One similar to it?  I’d love to see your results!  Be sure to post on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #mcclbom and we can share our progress together!  

Happy Quilting!  — 

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