March Meal Plan

With the (almost) success of February’s grocery challenge, I thought I would intensify the requirements a bit more and require one meal per week to be cooked by using food storage.  This should also help reduce the costs of our grocery bill a bit further.  We have a nice storage of rice and beans so I’m counting this meal as meeting the requirement.  LOL.

Something my hubby and I feel strongly about is to be prepared for an emergency.  Food is a priority for me.  I never want to go hungry and I feel that I can prevent that tragedy by being prepared.  I’ve recently started researching food storage for this reason.  Not for the zombie apocalypse.

Hubby and I are just now really getting organized with our food storage with a huge walk in pantry that we have at our deer camp.  We have rice, beans, tortilla mix, and some dehydrated foods.

Recently, I found a cookbook for cooking from your home food storage.  It was created and published by the LDS organization.  It reminded me that on one of the Facebook’s responses said that they can feed their family on $50 a month using their food storage.  Now, I have doubts that I can feed my family for one month on $50 a month…However, if I can reduce the grocery budget by any amount, then that leaves more money for my quilting addiction…I mean, hobby.

I have already been on the hunt for recipes that are meant for using your food storage.  I found a few groups on Facebook and also some accounts on Instagram that I now follow.  Do you have any favorites?  Please share them! 

So let’s try this way at organizing our lives in the best way and easiest way possible…Introducing, Google Docs:  March Meal Plan.  As long as you have this link you will be able to see document.  However – the link is not available for everyone.  I’ll work on learning how to publish the document in my blog posts.  If anyone already knows how to do so – please email me! 

My goal for this month is to incorporate food storage into our meals to save as much money as possible.  This involved me taking an inventory some physically and some mentally of the items that we already have on hand to try to use those in meals first before having to purchase additional items. 

My goals are to prep/chop/freeze onions for this month’s meals and to add to my food storage (deep freezer).  I ended up with 6 pounds of yellow onions and it only took me 30 minutes in my food processor to chop it, bag it, and freeze it.  My attempt at meal preparation…LOL. 

I’m also stocking up on pasta as I can this month to keep in my food storage.  I’m considering purchasing the #10 size cans of pasta that have 22 servings to see how if that will really last me as long as I think it will.  It seems to be an inexpensive item to add to our food storage. 

I contacted to see about tasting their food before buying.  Did you know you could even do that?  It’s considered expensive but it is suppose to be the tastiest.  One consultant said they would send me samples if I didn’t want to host a tasting party.  I don’t know many people who would want to build a food storage so I opted for the samples. 
With this month’s meal plan, I have already grocery shopped for the next two weeks!  I love Kroger ClickList.  I have found that not every Kroger has their act together so if you are disappointed in your experience – you may want to try another store location.  I have one location that I love and another that I hate even walking into the store.

Happy Meal Planning! 

From my cabin to yours-


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