March 2019 Block of the Month — in detail

March 2019 – 

This month’s block is called the Uneven 9-Patch Pattern Block.  This is a beginner level block and so everyone can participate without any concern of skill level!  This will make an 8.5” block.  I’m all about a 12″ block for this year’s sampler quilt, so I’m adding something at the end…stay tuned!  

You will need 3 different fabrics all color coordinating together in three different sizes.  You will need 4 (2.5”) squares, 4 (2.5” x 4.5”) rectangles, and 1 (4.5”) square (floral pattern fabric) to make each block. 

This block is superquick and super easy! 

STEP 1.  Pin and sew one rectangle to each side of the large square.  (Opposite sides).  Press seams toward the large square.  Or simply sew across to make 3 rows…

Do not be concerned that the edges do not match up exactly.  There will be some space in between, but somehow it all sews up nicely!  Notice my finger in the picture?  

STEP 2.  Pin and sew the small (2.5”) squares to each side of a rectangle.  You should have two left after sewing two to the large square. 

Step 3.  Pin and sew one combined unit to top and bottom of block center to complete block.  Press seams open. Match your seams up here.  

 I used my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter to cut the fabric pieces for the block.  If you use the AccuQuilt, I used the 8” square cube – dies numbers 1, 2, & 8. 

**If you want to make this a 12” block (LIKE ME!), just add a 2.5” strip around the block! 

The fabric I choose for my sampler quilt is not the fabric shown above, that was for another project….

Back side to show seam directions.  

Pinning top row to middle row.  Be sure to match your seams up here!  

TA-DAH!  The finished block! 
Had to have some deer showing in this quilt with all the pretty spring wildflower fabric in this quilt.  You can’t tell in this picture but the deer has flowers 
(dark purple to match the border fabric) in the antlers.  It’s very nice.  

What do your blocks look like?  Be sure to tag us with #mcclbom, or #mycharmedcabinlifebom, or #mycharmedcabinlifeblockofthemonth!  We’d love to see them!

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