Let’s try this…Pollo Loco

New recipe night!

This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions…learn more recipes…experiment more in the kitchen…Tonight, I’m trying Pollo Loco by www.plainchicken.com.  I’m really loving Stephanie’s blog and website.  I now follow her on Instagram too.

After reading her recipe…of course there’s a few things I can’t do exactly like her.  The first thing is that I don’t have a grill or a grill pan for my stove, so my chicken will be baked.  It’s a whole lot easier that way!  LOL.  At least, for me it is.  I’m also using chicken legs and not chicken breasts for this dish.

The second thing is I just now realized that I don’t have onion powder…so I’m wondering if I can just use real onions diced very small in my rice.

The third thing is that I couldn’t find the cheese dip she puts on her chicken in my local grocery store.  So…I’m going to improvise one more time here.

The fourth thing is that it has been a long time since I made rice on the stovetop.  I have joined the Instant Pot craze and now cook all my rice in that.  It comes out perfect every time…why mess with a good thing?  So I’m hoping the rice will cook the same with some tastiness added to it in the Instant Pot.

I’m hoping for a great dinner!  I’m adding a side of broccoli to our dinner for a bit of veggie.  I love green veggies!  Should we make a wager on if Hubby eats them or not?

So I did buy the Lawry’s Baja Chipotle marinade…I marinaded the chicken for almost 2 hours before laying it in the glass cookware for the oven.  I did pour a little extra on the top before putting it in the oven.  I set my oven to 375 degrees and when it reached the temp, I put the chicken in.  I did not put it in before it reached the temp.  (Note for next time: might want to take the skin off.) 

Chicken usually takes about an hour to cook when I bake it like this (in pieces).  
While I chopped up the onion and prepped the rest of the sides and garnish, my sous-chef decided to do a quality control check on the finely shredded cheese (Mild Cheddar)…
Bailey loves cheese!  
Well, when the Instant Pot went off, I immediately did the pressure release and then stirred the rice.  I was worried at first but once I stirred the rice up, it looked pretty good.  It tasted great!  
Once the chicken was done, this meal was very quick to put together.  Now that I know the recipe, I can put it together pretty quick in a hurry.  
Here it is!  
I added a little garnish of cucumbers, tomatoes, and a tiny bit of onion chopped up small.  It added a bit of crunch to the bite and I also stole the idea from one of our local restaurants that uses this as a garnish on one of their chicken plates.  LOL.  
Now a meal isn’t worth making unless it’s being eaten…and in my house, that’s by picky eaters…Everyone cleaned their plates!  
This was another great recipe by www.plainchicken.com!  This recipe will be added to our meal planning menu for sure!  
If you haven’t checked out Stephanie yet, you’re missing out on great recipes!  

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