Let’s Make Some Money…Part 2!

One thing I promised last week was to show you how easy it is to consign with Just Between Friends for one of the consignment sales.  Here it is…It’s so easy that I was actually shocked at how easy everything is set up for us busy moms on the go.

FIND A SALE.  This is as simple as going to the webpage and entering your zip code to find all the great sales in your area.  You may not want to wait for the sale to take all of your things and may be willing to take a few things to a sale that’s happening sooner.  I’m in this boat.  I have so much that I would be overwhelmed if I had to take everything and watch Bailey.  Thankfully, I can get my mom to go with me this Tuesday to watch Bailey while I take some items to a Just Between Friends sale in the Woodlands/Conroe area.

Did you find your nearest locations?  There’s a lot, aren’t there?  This is so great because you don’t need to feel rushed to get all of your things tagged by one certain date.  You can spread it out if you need to.  One issue for me is space in my car.  I won’t have time to make multiple trips to drop off items so I’m taking some items to the Woodlands/Conroe sale this week so that I have enough room to take most of my items to the North Houston sale.

The North Houston area sale is the closest location and it’s huge.  The people are so nice and I’m hoping that if someone volunteered to work, that they did again this year.  THEY WERE THAT NICE!  So helpful!  I even met Cindy at the event…which may make you feel like a VIP, if you’re like me.  There’s something about meeting the person who puts the events together that really gives me a sense of transparency and the confidence that it’s a legit and safe event to be a part of.  I don’t feel like I’m being taken advantage of or getting the short straw.

REGISTER TO CONSIGN.  Here’s what you need to know about your money.  You will earn 60% on your sold items.  You also pay a $10 fee for each event.  If you sell at multiple events…you will pay $10 per event.

If you agree to “HELP OUT” (work/volunteer a 4 hour shift) then you will earn 70% of your sold items.  If I could get a babysitter to watch Bailey – I would totally do this.

Your check will be mailed to you within the first 14 days following the close of the sale.  The website states that the average consignor will make approximately $300/sale.  So think of all those toys, clothes, and unnecessary items in your home and think about selling them quick and easily!  No need to post in the Facebook Marketplace and worry about meeting people or responding as quickly as you can during your day.  Just make one trip and sell it all!

Still have questions?  JBF has a consignor guide.  Seriously.  JBF Consignor Guide  Click and download this document from their website.  It will answer all of your questions.

Ready to sign up?  Register here.  It’s so simple.  Fill out the contact form and then you will receive your consignor number on the next page with all the local events.  You can select multiple events that you can sell at.  You can sign up to help out at several events too.  It’s all in one place.

TAGGING.  This is the step that made me hesitate last year about selling and now I wished I could go back in time and have sold part of this giant pile that is sitting in my living room.

Find safety pins.  If you are like me then you have them all over your house.  I find them in bathroom drawers, on the floor in my sewing area, everywhere.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m surprised I haven’t stepped on an open one yet.

White cardstock is required for tagging your items, not regular printer paper.  This is what made me hesitate the last sale because the thought of going to Office Depot to look for paper and lugging around a baby was just too much.  HOWEVER – Kroger even carries white cardstock so check your local grocery store!  I added it to my ClickList order and picked it up with all my other groceries.

Once you print (9 tags per page) – cut them, and safety pin them to your clothes!  It’s that easy!

All of the clothes must be on hangers!  You will not get these back so make sure they are hangers you no longer want or need.

When you purchase clothes – you get them on the hangers!  It makes it so nice for the shopper.  I was ecstatic last event when I saw that I got all of the hangers with the clothes that I purchased.  For a new mom, this just made my day even better.

Make sure the clothes all hang the same way (check the guide for specifics) and you are pretty much ready for drop off!  You can safety pin the clothes to the hanger too.  There are pictures on the website to show you how to do this.

DROP OFF.  This is set up at the same location as the event.  There will be signs showing you where to drop off your goodies and someone will help check you in.  Expect at least an hour (longer if you have a lot of items) to complete the check in process.

If you have 300 items or more, you can make an appointment!

Once someone checks your items and makes sure everything is correct, you will then take your items to the assigned areas for the sale.  All clothes will be organized by sex and size (girls, 9 months vs. boys, 9 months).  Just hang them up in the designated areas.

GET PAID.  Then after the sale just wait for your check to appear in the mail!  During the sale you log back into the tagging website and watch and see which items sell.  This is an awesome feature for someone like me who likes to stalk the website and see how much money I’m making, as I’m making it!

RETAIL THERAPY!  Isn’t it time you enjoyed some retail therapy without paying the retail price!  Shop early with the other consignors!  As a consignor – you get to shop early before the other shoppers.  There is a designated time/date for this so be sure to mark this information down when you sign up to consign.  
At the JBF-North Houston sale you can shop stress free knowing you are getting an amazing discount of 50-90% off the retail price of what you would pay in the stores.  Let’s be honest….how often does a child/baby wear out their clothes when they are so young?  THEY DON’T.  It’s  ridiculous to pay full price when you can get LIKE NEW clothes for so CHEAP!  
And of course, don’t forget – Cindy Smith sent me this pass to give to my readers!  Show this pass at the door and don’t pay the entry fee!  

Still have questions?  Stay tuned for another blog on tagging your items!  I’ll show you how I did it.  
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