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sports-shorts-leggings-PFI-kids pattern cover

There is a new LEGGINGS pattern out by Rebecca Page!

Leggings, pants, trousers, anything that covers the legs specifically has been know to terrify me in the past…

In the past?  Yes, because I took on the kids leggings challenge for both my girls!

This was quite possibly the easiest pattern I’ve ever sewn.  Literally, from cutting out the pattern/fabric to finish – less than 30 minutes!  In fact, trying to take the pictures of the girls took longer than it did to make the leggings – BOTH PAIRS!

Some people said it took them 15 minutes to make – well, I had Bailey literally wanting piggy back rides.  So for part of the time, she climbed on my back and then onto my neck while I sewed the leggings for her.

She loved them so much – that she didn’t even wait for me to put the waistband in.  She demanded to wear them before I was finished.  She then fell asleep in them and I was able to make another pair long before she woke up!  #parentwin

If you haven’t ever sewn leggings, I would highly recommend this pattern!  This is the one to make!  Another perk about this pattern?  It comes with another pattern for shorts!  It makes it the perfect combo for dance classes, yoga, workouts, athletic events, etc.  I really like it just for wearing around the house too!  Why not be comfortable?

Doesn’t everyone need a pair of dino print camo leggings?  Both of my girls are totally into dinosaurs and they love camo in all colors.  So this fabric was actually picked out by the youngest who saw it at the store, grabbed it, and held it with her head on it saying “MINE!”.  She wanted the whole bolt.  Bailey was very upset when I told the lady I wanted 2 yards and she kept the rest of the bolt.

This pair of leggings has an UNCOVERED elastic waitsband.  It makes life so much easier!  I took a second thought and had to check the reviews of everyone else before I decided to take the plunge.  And I’m so glad I did!  I hope you check it out too!



This pattern was just released this week, so it’s on sale right now!

Sale ends Valentine’s Day!

Just click this LINK and search for sports leggings.


$7.36 or 1 credit if you have credits with Rebecca Page!

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