It’s Quilt Show Season folks! — SHOW RESOURCES!

Do you like to plan your vacations in advance to make sure you get some “quilting” time too?  I do.  I love to know where they are WAY in advance — because you never know when you can make a sporatic day trip and go to a great quilt show! Or…you never know when Hubby wants to go on vacation to a new place and wouldn’t it be great if there happened to be a quilt show going on too?  I love it when that happens.

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How do you find out about them in the first place?  Well, a lot of people just wait for Facebook to pop it up in their feed, usually less than a month in advance.

I want more time.  My family travels and if I want to make sure I’m heading a certain direction I make sure I have that quilt show on my calendar and then find something else in the area for the rest of the family to do in case the hubby doesn’t want to go.  Who wants to go quilt show shopping with their hubby?  Not me…rush, rush, rush when I’m with him…

Last month was the St. Mary’s Quilt Show!  St. Mary’s Quilt Show  This year, the 5th year, was even more amazing!  I highly recommend you go next year.  I also highly recommend that you purchase the Quilters Quick Pass.  It’s a $15 ticket, but you are guaranteed to get in at the time you selected (if it’s still available now).  You can go and get on a list and be given a time for much later in the day if you decide – entry is by donation.  I don’t really want to sit around and hope for a specific time though.  Mark your calendars to go next year.  You won’t regret it.

If you’re in Texas – you can always check out this website for a list of quilt shows and search by area or month:  Texas Quilt Shows.

If you are looking to travel out of state, here’s a link for the entire USA:  Festivals & Shows – although it is not inclusive.  I always check back each month to see what changes.

You can also check the chamber of commerce’s website for their events calendars to find new and upcoming quilt shows and believe it or not, other quilt guilds will share about neighboring quilt shows too!  Check out this quilt guild’s page and scroll down to the bottom to see a great list of upcoming quilt shows:

Another great tool to use is Quilters Resources.  This covers the USA & Canada.  There are more than 8,000 sewing/quilting organizations and businesses listed in this resource.

These sources should be able to help you fill your calendar!

If you know of another resource please leave the link in the comments!  

Happy Quilting!

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