It’s Almost February!

It’s the last week of January, which means it’s the busiest time of the month for me: quilt club meetings, board meetings, last minute touches to clients’ orders/quilts before mailing, block of the month preparation…and not to mention my actual chores at home, LOL, which everyone has.  We’ve also had 2 sick kiddos and myself fell ill enough to go to the doctor.  It’s been an exhausting month, to say the least!  Time to stock up on elderberry and colloidal silver!

Even though January was a whirlwind, I could not get over one particular time when I felt like I saved time and was able to complete a project!  A great time saver for me has been purchasing the AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter.  I know…I know…But!  I’m really shocked at how much faster it really is and how many pieces you can cut at one time.  The box and instructions say you can cut 6 layers (cotton fabrics) however, I’ve been able to cut as many as 8 layers with some fabrics. If you want to consider one, check out this affiliate link and see what the deals are: AccuQuilt Deals & Special Offers.  The $50 mail-in rebate is still going on until January 29th.  I took advantage this deal and received my rebate in 2 weeks, not the 4-6 weeks that’s stated.

Valentines will quickly upon us…and that means deadline for my memorial quilts to the client.  I have one memory quilt ready for the long-arm quilter and will be working on completing the heart pattern quilt this week.  This quilt will need 64 hearts, all in the shirts provided by the widow.  This has been an incredible task to plan 3 quilts from a limited supply of fabric and styles.  Much more so than I have ever imagined!  I have kept every single piece of scrap, odd shape section of fabric in case I may need it.  Watch for pictures on Instagram and Facebook on progress for the heart quilt.  I have named this quilt “Much Love”, because every shirt reminds me of the man, Jimmy, and everything he would do for his wife that he loved very much.  I think he would be very happy to know that his shirts are being turned into a beautiful quilt that his wife and kids will cherish forever.

February also means a new Block of the Month!  Did you make January’s block?  Share your pictures with us.  We would love to see which fabrics you choose to make this beautiful block sampler quilt!

So far, I don’t think anyone has entered the BOM drawing, by posting their pictures of completed blocks!  (See January’s BOM for details).

Which block do you think we will make in February?

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