Got the April Blues?

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I can’t believe it’s April, let alone that we are dealing with the COVID-19 virus and how it has taken over our lives and yet has simplified them at the same time.  January through March has been a whirlwind, especially March when my family was put under the local shelter-in-place guidelines.

I have to say that blogging is a bit harder because of internet reception of where I am at now, but I feel that my family is safer…and that’s what’s important.  Your family’s safety is very important to me and I hope that everyone is taking precautions to keep their family safe as well.

This can be a difficult time for everyone and especially, my sanity.  My hubby and I were already working and living at home together – but now – in these tight quarters, holy moly.  Momma needs a break!

With the difficulties of the internet, it may be longer between blog posts – or it could mean more smaller posts published instead (publishing as the internet works).

How are you dealing with the April blues of our new world today?



Thank goodness for a few goodies I stashed in the car that I brought to give my brain to take a break and thus become functional again.  One of the things I love right now is the Pattern Poole Mystery Quilt.

For the next 10 weeks, you can join a private Facebook group, where all the details of how to make the mysterious blocks will be revealed and you can make more quilting friends who are enjoying it as much as you are.  If you haven’t seen the first two blocks – well, here they are.  I won’t share any more of these amazing blocks – but the second is releasing late on April 3rd for the USA.

This mystery quilt group is wonderful and you know I am already biased towards Monica & Alaura Poole for their genius selves.  You must check them out if you haven’t.  Want to join the group?  It’s $65 USD and you can join through Sew Much Charm!

We are an official source for Pattern Poole!



I, of course, also want to look at this month’s applique BOM.

If you haven’t seen it — this month we are doing Ziggy the Zebra!  Partly because I’m hoping the Corona Virus will gallop it’s way out of our lives and we can go back to normal.


All of the applique patterns we are using from Pattern Poole are for beginners.  Do not hesitate to join in the fun being afraid your skills are not there.  I had not appliqued before starting these patterns and I think I’m hooked!

We will be increasing our pattern options for Pattern Poole here shortly to include ALL of their applique patterns!  It’s an exciting time and we’re hoping this will save you on shipping costs from Australia and still let you enjoy the great patterns of Pattern Poole.




With regards to this year’s Row by Row Mystery…I have it on my schedule this month to actually make a few videos to show you what I’ve created.  I have designated a spot in my house – the wall space above my couch – to hang my Row by Row Mystery when it’s completed.  Therefore, my sizes will be for small blocks to make my rows and honestly, I’m hoping I can use up some of those scraps in my scrap bin.  I’m also scared the scraps will multiply!  Ever notice that when you decide to use your scraps for a project – it just seems to grow and the pile doesn’t reduce.  That’s the fabric fairies saying you should always have fabric.  Oh I digress.

I will say that since the COVID-19 has arrived and locked us all down, I won’t be able to scour all of my fabrics in my studio, now since I’m sheltering in place at our deer camp (near a very tiny community).  I will be using what I was able to bring with me.

My color palette may have just gone out the window.  It’s time to get flexible.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Perhaps you had a few colors you wanted to use and you didn’t make it to your favorite local quilt shop (I will always support you supporting small businesses) in time before everyone was forced to shut down.  I get it.  I do have a few fabrics on the Shop Page.

I did have a great Facebook Live Fabric Sale the day before I left and I sold out of about 6 different fabrics in that short time being on the internet.  I did bring my fabrics with me – so if you would like to purchase – I can ship them directly to you!

So for this month’s theme for the Row by Row, I’ve thought long and my mind keeps wanting to go outside instead of staying in.  Isn’t that the case?  Whenever you are told to do something, like stay home and inside, you really want to be outside.


April’s theme is “Be Outside”.  This theme could take you in a multitude of directions, but I’m hoping that it takes you outside and can help relieve the stress of having to stay home.



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Happy Quilting!

Be sure to stay safe and healthy everyone…

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