Back the Thin Blue Line Quilt

Summer is done…I’m still in clean up mode around the house.  We had lots of fun…we were very busy…I took a bazillion photos and will be posting some later.  I have lots of fun stories to share…most include hilarious conversations with a five year old. 

The house is a mess to prove how much fun we actually had here…we made slime, built box cars for an indoor movie theatre experience…the five year old had horse riding lessons…we went to the deer camp…went to the splash pad multiple times…went to two quilt shows…the list goes on and on.  The house is in total chaos…but here I sit enjoying my coffee and the peace and quiet before everyone else wakes up. 

I have a quilt to finish today for a fundraiser benefit tomorrow for an officer I personally know who was injured working a funeral escort through town.  He is an amazing person and has always been a perfect gentleman.  The fact that his pelvis is now shattered is really mind-blowing to me.  I can’t imagine him not working, let alone confined to a bed while his body heals. 

Here is the Facebook Link to the Fundraiser Benefit:  Officer Marvin Harris Benefit.  If you feel like helping this officer, please contact the link. 

There is a Go Fund Me page for him too: Officer 151 Down Go Fund Me Page

Officer Marvin Harris is a family man who loves his family dearly.  He would always talk about his family and how much he loved his wife.  He would often times tell me about the little surprises he planned for her…

When I found out that Harris had stopped traffic for a funeral escort and a driver refused to stop and ran directly into him and his motorcycle…I was shocked.  How could something so bad happen to someone so good?  I knew I had to help in some way.  I had to!  What on earth could I do for him?  It didn’t click right away…I figured I would go to the benefit and buy a few plates of food to support his fundraiser.  It wasn’t until I was going through some fabric I had stashed away from Hubby’s eyes that I remembered I had the Thin Blue Line fabric line by Tana Mueller.  When I saw it I opened up the panel that I had purchased and saw one of the blocks was a motorcyle cop and that’s when it hit me. 

My first thought was I could do a small wall hanging size quilt for the silent auction and let them auction it off.  Then I thought maybe a small wall-hanging size wouldn’t raise much money for him…so I played with the layout and posted a few pics of progress on a few sewing sites to get ideas.  Needless to say, the quilt grew in size…

First draft:

First picture of “in progress”…

 Second draft:

Final quilt top size picture…Still in progress…

I’ll post the final picture of the finished quilt tonight on Instagram!  It will be late…but I want to have it ready to give to him tomorrow at his benefit.  It will be an honor to make this for him and I hope he cherishes it forever…and I know he will. 
If you ever get a chance to go to a fundraiser or benefit for an injured officer…I recommend you go and experience the true feeling of the blue family.  Even if police officers aren’t your favorite people due to a bad experience or such…just go watch them.  They are people too.  The food is ALWAYS good…I can promise you that!  LOL.  
We support the blue…#backtheblue  #thinblueline #blueforever

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