August Meal Planning Dilemmas Continue

As the chaos from vacation is coming to a close and we are starting to be “normal” (How normal are we really?) again…Hubby turns to me and says he wants to try the KETO diet.  Oh my…I asked him if he realized that our diet now is NOTHING like the Keto diet.  We eat beans and rice weekly!  Holy moly…

So this is to explain why the delay in this month’s meal plan arriving on the site.  The last time he told me that he wanted to try the Keto diet, it didn’t last 24 hours.  This time…he says he’s serious.  So out on a trip to COSTCO we find two Keto cookbooks.  One looked heavenly and the other had recipes that sounded so good…but I thought Hubby wouldn’t eat them.  So I pointed this out to him and he said he would and that it sounded great to him.

And this is the start of our bet…I bet he would not do it for one week and he said he could.  Part of this bet is hopeful for reverse psychology to kick in and I know how competitive he can be.

I have spent today and part of the last few days looking through this cookbook and drooling over the recipes.  I have picked enough recipes for the week and hopefully, they will feed a hungry husband.

If you see a page number by a recipe in the calendar instead of a link, this is the book it’s referring to.  Once I start digging into the other cookbook, I’ll abbreviate the titles next to the page numbers in the meal plan. (BTW-the picture of the eggplant parmesan-top right-is calling my name!)

Just a heads up – I paid $21.99 at Costco for this cookbook.  It is MUCH CHEAPER elsewhere as an ebook ($9.99 at B&N).

This month’s meal isn’t finished, but it will be shortly…so here is the link for August 2018 Meal Plan – KETO.  I will also upload the link to the Meal Plan page. 

If you have any KETO diet tips or amazing keto recipes for picky eaters…Please send them to me at  It will be greatly appreciated!  Love to hear about recipes tried and true!

I did just make our first grocery list and order (Thanks to Instacart!) and our grocery budget is going back to $100/week to provide the fresh veggies and fruits for the diet.  Thank goodness for our food storage of spices, seasonings, meats, and other wonderful items that we can use for this diet this month.

Wish us luck! 

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