Row by Row Themes For The Month

This will be the place where the information for the Row by Row (themed) Block of the Month for 2020 is posted.  Check back here each month for all the details and to join in all of the fun.

The theme will be announced under each month's sub-heading.  A few days later, 7-10 days, I will share the pictures and details of how I used the theme in this year's quilt challenge.

Ready for some fun?  The fun starts in January where I will announce the colors that I choose for this year's quilt challenge.

Well, for this project you will create as many blocks to complete the row as you please.  It could be a wall hanging size or King size.

It literally is just this flexible!

You may be familiar with how quilt shops will collaborate on a Row by Row Quilt Project.  Each shop will make a large block or a section of the quilt.  Customers can then go to each store to get the pattern and fabrics to make that shop's block of the quilt.  After the customer goes to each shop and purchases the patterns, then they will have all of the information to make the quilt that so many quilt shops collaborated on together.  These quilts will have a theme that ties them together: summer fun, gardens, food items, and such.

Our Row by Row Mystery will NOT be as confined.  The quilt can be whatever we make of it.  Each month we will ponder on a theme on how to create a section of our quilt.  I will share more details on what I do for the first couple of months to help explain and demonstrate how our options are really endless working the quilt in this manner.  If you like the fabrics I'm using, I will have some of them available for purchase through the Sew Much Charm Shop page.

In February, I will announce our first theme or concept to get your creative juices flowing.  For example: if the first theme is stars - you can use fabric with stars, or make star blocks to fill in your row.  You are really only limited by your creativity and I'm hoping that this year we will break that glass ceiling and soar into the stars!  By the 7-10th day of the month, I will share with you some ideas on how I used the theme to fill in my row for my quilt.  Then by the end of the month, I'm hoping you will share yours with us on social media and use the hashtag #sewmuchcharmbom.

This is going to be a more relaxed BOM Project because we will only need about 9-10 rows at the most.  So this will give us time to also talk about the quilting and finishing of our quilt tops before Christmas!

What's the best part?  For every month you post your blocks with the #sewmuchcharmbom hashtag - you will be entered into a drawing for a GIVEAWAY!  The winner will be chosen at random and you can enter every month starting in January by posting a picture of your fabrics or a picture of fabrics in the colors you choose!  SIMPLE!  You must use the hashtag to be entered.  Did you post your pictures on Instagram?  Then to your Facebook?  That's two entries!

If you win the giveaway - you will receive free shipping for your prize-worldwide!  No purchase necessary. 

The Winner will be announced December 31, 2020!


- January 2020 - 

This month we will discuss colors.  Think of 3 or 4 colors you would like to use as your main colors throughout this quilt and pull from your stash.

My colors: PURPLE, BLUE, TEAL, & GOLD.  I'm sticking with peacock-like colors this year.  I'll start sharing pictures of my fabrics this month too.

What colors would you like to focus on this year?  Share them in the comments below!

Get ready for February 1st for our next announcement that will share the theme of the first month!


- February 2020 - 

This month's theme for your first row is "LOVE".

My row and other ideas will be shared in the middle of the month.  Please share your row and your ideas and use the hashtag #sewmuchcharmbom  Let's get creative!



- March 2020 - 

I had a marvelous idea as I began the month of March -- to totally change my color scheme.  Remember the 2019 BOM Quilt - Back to the Basics?  I still have tons of fabric left over that is just dying to be made into something gorgeous.  I already have it and I would love to use it to make a wall hanging (30" x 36") for the future guest bedroom that will also have last year's quilt draped over the bed.

If you are wondering why February's picture isn't up yet, that's why.  I'm totally re-doing it.  So this month, I'll have double duty remaking last month's and now this month's theme.  Any ideas what it is?

The second row's theme is "green".  Seems only fitting since this month starts Spring for us in garden is already planted and I am ready for spring time!


- April 2020 - 

With regards to this year’s Row by Row Mystery…I have it on my schedule this month to actually make a few videos to show you what I’ve created.  I have designated a spot in my house – the wall space above my couch – to hang my Row by Row Mystery when it’s completed.  Therefore, my sizes will be for small blocks to make my rows and honestly, I’m hoping I can use up some of those scraps in my scrap bin.  I’m also scared the scraps will multiply!  Ever notice that when you decide to use your scraps for a project – it just seems to grow and the pile doesn’t reduce.  That’s the fabric fairies saying you should always have fabric.  Oh I digress.

I will say that since the COVID-19 has arrived and locked us all down, my color palette may have just gone out the window.  Perhaps you had a few colors you wanted to use and you didn’t make it to your favorite local quilt shop (I will always support you supporting small businesses) in time before everyone was forced to shut down.  I get it.  I do have a few fabrics on the Shop Page.

I did have a great Facebook Live Fabric Sale the day before I left and I sold out of about 6 different fabrics in that short time being on the internet.  I did bring my fabrics with me – so if you would like to purchase – I can ship them directly to you!

So for this month's theme for the Row by Row, I've thought long and my mind keeps wanting to go outside instead of staying in.  Isn't that the case?  Whenever you are told to do something, like stay home and inside, you really want to be outside.

April's theme is "Be Outside".  This theme could take you in a multitude of directions, but I'm hoping that it takes you outside and can help relieve the stress of having to stay home.



- May 2020 - 

May's theme is "Animals".  This theme could take you in a multitude of directions, but it's also coming from my 7 year old who has been home with me and who also thinks that she should be running the quilt shop and should tell me what to do and how to quilt client quilts!  Lord, help me!  LOL!


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