Applique Block Of The Month

Are you ready to try something new?  I am!  I have watched and drooled over quilts in quilt shows that have delicate and beautiful applique...I want to learn how to do this.

Will you learn with me?

Each month this year, 2020, I show you a different applique pattern from Pattern Poole Patterns (Australia) and I will use a mix of cotton and batik fabrics in the project.  You will want to keep an eye on the Sew Much Charm Shop page for the new fabrics section that will be coming soon!  Some of the fabrics I will be using will be available for purchase on the page.  Each month the shop page will grow!

Each month I post an in-depth blog post sharing details of the tips and tricks...and what not to do too!  I'll share the "lessons" I learned...the easy way and the hard way.  LOL.  All of these patterns are a beginner level pattern and everyone can do them!  Don't want to wait for the new pattern each month?  All 13 patterns are available now on the Sew Much Charm Shop page!

What will I be working on in JANUARY?


Normally, I would post the details and tips/tricks on the first of the month.  However, I am with my family during the New Years Holiday and I will return next week with all of the details!

You won't want to miss this!

I have a limited number of patterns available and right now (12/31/19), shipping is FREE!  When you check out on the Shop page, it will ask you for your zip code and tell you that shipping cannot be calculated - THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S SHIPPING IS FREE!

This is going to be a fun project!  I hope you will join me.



And here's mine!  What colors did you pick for your GIGI?







What will I be working on in FEBRUARY?

                                        HUGO THE HIPPO

Well, time got away from me again this past month and I'm just now posting here - however - it was posted earlier on my Instagram account.

Please follow my Instagram account for all of the up to date news and exciting pictures I like to share on the spur of the moment.  Instagram @sewmuchcharm

You can also click here:

Hugo was on sale during the month of February since it was the applique block of the month.  Always know that which BOM that we are working on - it will be on sale and the shop page will have that information for you every month, so please check back often!

Well, here's mine in case you haven't seen it on Instagram.  I really enjoyed making him.  He was a big project for me.








What will I be working on in MARCH?      

                            OLA THE OCTOPUS                      

OLA is on sale on the shop page!  Check her out before she sells out.

This will be the perfect applique block of the month to get Spring Break and summer on our minds and the sand in our toes!

Oh this is going to be fun one!  I have some great batiks that will work perfectly with Ola.  Have you seen them?  Check them out!







What will I be working on in APRIL?      

                            ZIGGY THE ZEBRA    

Ziggy is on sale for the month of April in the Sew Much Charm Shop!

This will be the perfect applique block of the month to get our minds off the COVID-19 outbreak that has taken over our world and our minds.

Oh this is going to be a great pattern to work on!    Check out Ziggy!

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